It is always there,

Always lurking around hidden corners,

In the eyes of all,

In the unspoken thoughts all around,

In the air we breathe.

Everyone feels it all around and wonder where it is from,

Everyone looks in the wrong place,

Everyone looks outside them into others,

There they will find it and curse it,

Yet why should it be in others and not in ourselves?

It is in us all yet none can face it,

People hide from that unspeakable truth,

They glimpse inside and run from it,

Some try to ignore it,

Yet it will find us all at the grave,

We cannot escape or evade it,

It will come for us all and it will tell of all we have done in its name.

So what use is there to evade it,

Better to fight an unsinkable battle than run.

We must face what we are and why,

We must plunge into our innermost depths and keep diving,

Only then can we better ourselves and not live in this farce of existence.

*A little deep perhaps, sorry*