"Honey! What happened!?" Brian ran up to Sid and trailed his fingers down Sidney's bruised face. "Oh my god, did you get into a fight?"

"...My step dad." Sid said shamefully. "Look don't worry about me..."

"Oh, Honey..." Brian was obviously very worried, and to Sid, overreacting.

"Look, It happens all the time, I'm fine." He tried pushing past Brian, but the black haired boy wouldn't let him past.

"You're not fine, you're hurt, and Oh god, where else are you bruised?" Brian ran a hand through Sid's hair and his eyes seemed considerably softer from their usual manic gleam.

"I dunno, lots of places, my ribs..." Sid felt a pang of guilt at Brian's concern. "Trust me, I'm fine."

"...I'll rip his throat out." Brian's manic gleam was back. "He fucking touches you again, I'll rip out one of his ribs and then slice his spine open with it."

"Brian, stop." Sid was cut off.

"Don't doubt me." Brian looked murderous, but softened his gaze.

The day went by slowly, Brian Hanging on Sid every second, it was horrible.

"Brian! Just, please, I'm okay, I'm fine, there is nothing you can do to make me feel better!" They walked into the schools parking lot and Brian sighed.

"You think?" Brian moved in close to Sid, brushing up against him as a cat would, something Brian was quite good at. He traced fingers down Sidney's unbruised cheek and then pressed his lips softly to the other boy's. They didn't break away for quite some time. Brian kissed him more tenderly, but without deepening the kiss. When he finally pulled back, Sid was speechless.

"Feel better?" Brian whispered against his lips.

"...Brian..." Sidney was blown away. He didn't realise Brian was so capable of pouring out so much emotion into a simple kiss.

"Well?" Brian waited for an answer, Sidney nodded. "So I wasn't wasting my time."

"That doesn't mean anything..." Sid pulled away. "Brian, I don't like you like that."

"But why?" Brian cried. "You're attracted to me, we're getting along perfectly..."

"That's different than having feelings for some one." He sighed. "And no, I don't want this to be a fling, I want you as my friend, and I don't want something to screw that up."

"Fine, but I'm not giving up." Brian crossed his arms. "I'll get you my pretty, and your little di-"

"Finish that and I'll smack you." The two laughed. "Well I have to get to Math, I'll see you tomorrow all right?"

"Yeah, hey uhm..." Brian pulled out a pen. "Here's my number, you don't have it yet. Just...just give me a call if you need me." He smiled sadly at Sid, and grabbed his hand.

"I'll be fine." Sid sighed, and the taller boy scrawled his number across Sid's palm.

"Yeah..." Brian leaned in and kissed him again, softly. "Bye then."


"Kieren?" Sid walked down the now almost deserted Hallway of the second floor, he was stopping at his locker when he saw the long haired boy walking down the corridor.

"Huh?" Kieren spun around, looking frightened, he clutched his books to his chest.

"H-Hi...?" Sid caught up with him, and he backed up, almost tripping over himself. "Uhm, I'm Sidney, I'm new here..."

"Don't...just please...leave me alone." He quivered, taking a few more steps backwards. "Please,"

"I just wanted to introduce myself." Sid was worried. "I'd like to maybe get to know you..."

"G-Get away from me!" Kieren started crying. It was blood that poured from his eyes. Then Sid noticed something very strange, his eyes were red. "Please, don't, don't hurt me!"

"What?" Sid's eyes widened. "I'm not going to.."

"I promise I wont touch you, I'll stay out of your way. Please...just leave me alone." He was crying hard, blood dripped down to his white shirt, leaving it a speckled mess.

"Please, Don't cry..." Sid didn't know what to do. "Are you okay? I'm not hear to harm you. Honestly...I'm just trying to be friendly..."

"...W-why...?" Kieren backed up further until he was resting a hand on the railing of the stairs.

"Because." Sid smiled. "I'm no threat. If you want me to leave you alone, fine..."

"No!" Kieren gasped. "I mean..." He didn't look so paranoid anymore. "You're...you're being nice to me?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Sid started. "You haven't done anything to me."

"...No one is." Kieren looked down. "Plus, you're with Brian Dean. He, he used to be my friend, and now he hates me..."

"We're just friends. Don't buy the rumors. I don't care what he thinks about you, he's a bitch anyways." Sid laughed. He adored Brian, but he really was a bitch. "I have to catch my bus okay? talk to you tomorrow maybe?"

"Y-yeah..." Kieren smiled and watched Sid run down the stairs.


When Sid got to his room, he realised he felt bad for leaving Kieren like that. Was he okay? He seemed fine, just scared. He'd talk to the boy tomorrow hopefully, he felt bad for him, but not that he pittied him. There was something about him that made Sidney curious. He wanted to know him, he and hoped Kieren would let him. He was kind of worried though that Brian wouldn't aprove, and he didn't want to lose Brian either. He sighed and took out his bag for homework. Maybe he'd just go to sleep after he did it, then he wouldn't have to deal with Frank.


"I saw you talking to Kieren yesterday." Brian Said monotonously when Sid sat down. "I thought I warned you."

"Brian, shut the fuck up! He was crying his eyes out thinking I was going to kill him or something!" Sidney growled. "He needs a friend."

"Yeah, crying BLOOD!" Brian raised his voice. "Hello!? Not normal here! He's a freak. I'm afraid of him."

"Yeah, well I'm not." Sid turned his attention to the front of the class room. "If he does anything to me, fine, I'll leave him alone, but until he does I'm going to be nice to him."

"Suit yourself." Brian shrugged, obviously pissed. The rest of the class was hell, they didn't even bother to look at eachother after it was over. Sidney sighed and just decided to go to Phys. Ed. After all, he had his gym clothes with him.

"Mr...Otis?" Sidney asked approaching the short, stocky, bald man.

"Coach, Otis." He gnawed at his gum. "Whaddya want kid?"

"Uhm, I just got a scheduale change, I have this class every other day..." Sid lied.

"Banks right?" He took a look at his attendance sheet. "You got a change of clothes?"


"Good, go into my office, grab a lock, then head into the locker room, and change. You've got four minutes or I'll mark you late." He went back to gnawing on his gum, and scribbled something on his clip board. Sid liked this man less then Renyolds already.

"Okay..." Sid wandered out of the Gym, and headed to the door next to the boys locker room with a little sign saying: 'George Otis' on it. He went in, saw a bucket of combination locks and took one out. It had the combo taped to the back. Then he headed into the locker room.

It was yellow and grey, quite humid and smelled horrible. Sidney cringed. There were what looked like big, muscly Juniors and Seniors in this class. They were dicking around making crude jokes, pulling off and putting on clothes. He stepped into a little area where no one seemed to use, and took one of the lockers there. He pulled out his clothes from his back, started to strip and then someone spoke up.

"Hey look, it's the new Fag!" Who ever it was snickered. Sidney ignored them and pulled on the sweat shorts over his boxers. "Hey Faggot!" He yelled and then laughed with his friends. "Hey I'm talking to you!" He walked over to Sid, he reached for his shirt before Sid could.

"What? No pink?" He crumpled it and threw it back at Sid. Him and his cronies were obviously finding this hillarious.

"Just leave me the fuck alone all right?" He shook his head and bent down on the bench to pull his sneakers on.

"What? Fairy's to afraid to fight back?" The guy smacked his shoulder. "What are you gonna do about it?"

"Aw, come on Kenny, leave him alone." One guy spoke up. "He didn't do nothin."

"Shut up!" He turned to face the boy who spoke up to him. "He's a faggot, do I need a reason?" The other guy just kind of muttered and walked away.

"Listen, 'Kenny'," Sid spoke up. "Why don't you just go waste your time on someone who cares?"

"What'd you say, queer? You wanna suck my dick?" The three or four guys behind him cracked up laughing. They were either stoned, or really big morons. Possibly both.

"Just leave me alone!" Sid yelled. He didn't feel like dealing with this today. Brian had put him in a bad mood. "I'm not in the mood to deal with this."

"Oooh...he makes it sound like he's got balls!" They laughed. "What happened to your face?" Kenny flicked Sid's cheek with his fingers. "Boyfriend fuck your mouth to hard?"

"You know what?! It's scum like you that screws the rest of the world over!" Sidney yelled and tried to push past them.

"Don't touch me, Fag!" Kenny pushed Sid back when he brushed up against him.

"Then don't touch me!" Sidney pushed him back. That was it. Kenny flipped, he pucnhed Sid hard in the stomache, right into a huge bruise. "AHHH!" Sidney screamed and fell backwards. He was in a lot of pain at the moment.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Sid heard someone call out behind the guys. They looked behind them and froze. "Just get the hell away from him." It was Kieren.

"The Freak Can speak!" One of the guys tried to make a joke and Kenny interupted.

"Shut up, Dude." He backed away. "Get outta here, freak!"

"Then leave him alone." Kieren looked deadly. He raised his hand up and started walking towards the five guys. They scrammbled in a chorus of 'Oh shit!'s and 'Get outta here!'s. When they all filed out, Kieren knelt down next to Sidney. "I, I heard you scream from in the gym..." He spoke softly.

"You in this class?" Sid winced as he tried to sit up.

"Y-yeah." Kieren looked worried. "They leave me alone, see they're afraid of me."

"I could tell." Sidney smiled. "Thanks, but I could have taken care of myself..." He stood up, wobbled and smiled down at Kieren. He extended his hand to the kneeling boy, but Kieren just started at it. Sidney pulled it back and let the other boy stand up on his own.

"There were five guys, You would be dead." He sighed. "Come on, we're late already, Coach will yell..."

"Thanks, but really, you didn't have to..." Sid started.

"No, you're right. But you were kind to me..." Kieren tried to keep tears from welling in his eyes. "I figured I should return the favor..."

"Hey, being nice to someone isn't a favor..." Sid smiled. "I can take care of myself."

"You're lucky." Kieren looked down. "I wish I could."

"What do you mean?" Sidney was confused, it seemed people were too afraid to touch him, let alone give him problems.

"Not everyone's afraid of me like them. That Kenny guy, I sort of burned him once..." Kieren trailed off. "But anyways, that's why he's afraid of me." He sighed. "Most others just beat me, and I can't do anything to fight back, because I'm afraid to hurt them."

"Why? If they hurt you...That's Self defense!" Sidney grabbed a basketball as the coach instructed and continued talking to Kieren.

"I don't want to hurt them!" Kieren teared up. "I Don't ever want to hurt anything..." He cluctched the basket ball sid handed him to his chest. "Ever."

"Kieren..." Sid went to place a hand on his shoulder but Kieren gasped and jerked away, dropping the ball.

"Don't touch me!" Kieren took a few deeps breaths. "Please, don't."

"I'm sorry." Sidney didn't know what to do. He knew what he wanted to do, He wanted to take the boy into his arms, and hold him, comfort him, tell him everything was okay. But he wouldn't even let Sidney touch him.

"Th-thank you though..." Kieren blushed and looked up at Sidney. "For, for talking to me."

"You don't have to thank me." He chewed on his lips. "Are you okay?"

"I'm never okay." Kieren sighed.

"Wanna tell me?" Sidney looked concerned and fought the urge to hold the boy's hand.

"Would you listen?" Kieren looked up, confused, but hopeful.