I see it now as one. Harmony. As the world should be, used to be. But then they came, and everything changed and the world, our world has been destroyed. Their first world succumbed to abuse as did ours. And many more if this horrid race is not stopped. They spread through out my universe .and many others as well, infecting them with pure evil. Destroying the harmony. They have scattered the inhabitants of my solar system far and wide through out the universe where they will most assuredly perish. Our only hope is to locate and side with the Imperial Courts of Andromede and hold faith in the high king Andromede CXXI.
I have come a long way from where I started. The last of my race. Orphaned twice in one life time. Died and was resurrected. Loved And lost. And have never stopped loosing.

The first time I stepped aboard a Graqurian Shuttle I was a mere child. Old for this planet but young for my species , I was in my 10th year on Aeoris I had already freed my trusted comrades ,my adoptive father and his people. Now it was time for me to join in the fight to save the universe from a common threat, the spread of a race so ruthless it has destroyed every planet it has ever settled. A race more bloodthirsty than the devilish Sswjns of my planet. More illusive than the Foldswins beneath the desert sands. More horrid in their ways than the humans, now banished to the northern quadrants.

I stepped out into the night, my cleft foot itches to be free of my tight Gaie boots. My chest rose and fell gently in the cold winter air. How I longed to be as I was in infancy, but a child enjoying the splendors of youth. I wanted to be free ,to pound across the frozen ground in unbreaking strides as I never have before.

"We must leave now master."

My heart fell, I would be leaving my home once again, but this time I might never return. Once more I gazed towards the darkening horizon Lanwhea sat beautifully accentuated beyond my moon. How I longed for the desert, but my duty called me away.

"lead on." I said softly to my Chime escort. His slight body jerked spasmodically as he moved .His gimp had worsened from our last encounter ,but he was still my faithful servant. His shiny gray head bobbed in and out of the dull orb-lights which followed us along the stone corridor. My body moved on towards the perils of space , but my mind stayed behind. My inner eye locked on the images of youth .Beautiful youth.

As my heart cried my minds eye brought up images from my past. "My dearest Derkin how I missed the." I sighed he was long gone, as was my childhood and my planet faded away behind me. I looked away from the bay windows. The Graqurian Shuttle had docked with the Drogan a creature born of the stars such a beautiful sight it was, standing on the threshold of a creature larger than some worlds.


My name was so strange in their tongue. A series of clicks and bell like chimes followed ,procuring my status I knew . I turned and faced my addresser. Saw nothing and almost turned away. Then remembered gravity had no control of these being. Above my head floated a bubble silver streaked with gold with a solid green centre. I nodded recognition and stood at attention as I was briefed on our position and that of the next rendezvous station.

Commander Zelgordstyndez-krai of the Graquria was furious. I was two solar hours late and held back the entire assemblage. Among whom was Captain Xeron of Alfer Quise, Cpt. Nagaled of Arnon , Cpt. Farfello Negosa Oni and the beautiful Queen Lalishen of Lumardwai.

Captain Xeron was the first to speak his words although friendly were harsh against my ear. His language was strange and the delay of the translator made it nearly impossible to focus on him while listening to the mechanical voice.

"Stondryll of Aeoris, your fame precedes you. We are pleased to have you here in the company of the greatest army of this forlorn territory." The little man stood with two arms expanded taking in the scope of the corridor, while his other two held a small spherical device . "This " he said transferring the object to one of his longer arm and extending it towards Stondryll " Is the crest of the Phaelis Quise- Nargondar. The most feared division of the Kheyndellr United Task forces!"

Hesitantly I took the sphere from him as he beamed up at me. His tiny face nearly hidden in the many roles of skin folded neatly on his head. Captain Xeron was not a native of Quise but an emigrant from one of its last remaining moons.

"We are pleased to have your company ,but may I ask we retire to a more suitable room to continue this meeting?" The voice belonged to Princess Lailishen. Her large eyes held my attention for a moment longer than I had hoped and after an awkward pause I looked away. She had a perfect ovoid face, much like the Gael of my world. Unlike them she was rather tall and thin. Roughly six feet tall she towered over Xeron yet still looked up at Captain Nagaled and I ,as he turned to lead the way down the cooridor.

Inside the chamber we sat stiffly around a large fragrant table made of some kind of wood. The thick scent of tree sap still clung to the grains of the table. As I rubbed my hand over its course surface I could see my self on the banks of Nal Wadai river south of Giome. The wind ruffling softly through my fur , the scent of the large white blossoms tickling my nose.I sighed and opened my eyes slowly.


Focusing I realized that everyone was watching me intently.


Captain Nagaled addressed me again.

"Sorry captain." I mumbled sitting up in my chair "Its just that this table.its much like the wood from my home.."

"I understand Stondryll ,but I hope you understand that this meeting will decide your future as well as that of the rest of the universe!"

"Must you be so dramatic?" Farfellos voice was rich in sarcasm. He had large dusty brown eyes with flecks of white like a raging sandstorm they flared with excitement or grew still and dull according to his emotion. "This is the fellows first day onboard Captain. Give him a chance to adjust .He's never left that little speck of Aeoris. Heck .Up until a few years ago we had no idea it was inhabited ..by intelligent life any way ."

"Right you are, Farfello." Nagaled apologized. But we have no time for any more delays,We are far behind schedule and .." He stopped short gazing across the room.

"Princess?" all eyes turned to the lalishen standing gazing out the thin membrane of the ships outer skin. Far off in the inky distance a single star shone weakly.
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