Angel's Gift Part One

Allison Tennison pushed her short brown hair out of her eyes, looking over at her house. Well, what formerly was her house, anyway. Presently, there was a large, shallow crater, with a bit of debris scattered all around. Looking at it, the boyish young woman wondered exactly how she had survived whatever happened.

The police were of no help at all. They still thought that a meteor had hit her house. Or was it a meteorite, she always confused the two words. Either way, they thought that something had plummeted down from the sky and right on her house. However, they couldn't explain how she had lived through it.

The doctors were equally perplexed. She had come into the hospital covered in severe burns, her bones broken and body battered. On the first day they weren't giving her even odds of survival, but she had a incredible recovery. Not only had she gotten out of bed in only a few weeks, she didn't even have any scars, except one.

It was the oddest thing. On each of her shoulder blades, a series of fine lines, running longer at the top and shorter towards the bottom. One wit had asked if she was an angel, but a quick glare silenced him. Still, they did sort of look like...

Allison sighed softly. She was just glad she hadn't told anyone about the dreams!

They all started out the same, her lying in the rubble of her living room, and above her, a glowing figure floated. She shimmered, light dancing around her body, slowly fading as she knelt down by Allison's side.

Once she was nearby her, she was much more normal looking, her long black hair curling around her very worried face. She reached out, gently caressing Allison's face as she said, "I'm so sorry, sir. I never intended this."

Allison tried to open her mouth to correct her, but it was just too hard.

"I will make amends," the dark haired woman said softly, "I swear." She hesitated, then bent close, her lips gently brushing Allison's. She drew back, a little smile on her face, then she kissed her again firmly. Allison's body blazed, filled up with a strange energy. They held the kiss for a few moments, then the girl rose again.

Allison wanted to say something, anything, but she was frozen.

"We will meet again," the woman promised her, then she was gone.

'The police found me in the rubble,' Allison thought, looking up into the night sky. 'They would have said if there had been someone there, right?' Her eyes widened as she saw something unusual up there.

"Oh, no," Allison whimpered out loud. A shooting star descended, growing brighter and brighter as it descended, heading straight to where she was standing. "Not again!" she yelled indignantly.

The fireball blazed brightly, then it suddenly... stopped. The flame dissipated, revealing a woman floating in midair, dressed in red and silver armor. Long golden hair blew around her, and she carried an impressive looking glowing sword that she leveled at Allison.

"I am Sharin, quester of the High Queen, and I have come here seeking Princess Jenna," Sharin declared. She paused, "Where is she?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Allison squeaked.

"Her aura is all over you, Earther," Sharin scoffed. She smiled coldly, "Assist me now, or face the consequences."

Allison looked up at the scary lady, the battle armor, and the frightening looking sword she was holding, and made the only reasonable decision she could. She turned around and ran away, top speed.

Sharin stood there, surprised, "Hey, come back here!"

Allison just kept on running. 'Why me?' she thought frantically, 'Why is this stuff happening to me?' Coming around a corner, she ran right into someone who was running the opposite direction.

Sent sprawling to the ground, the two gaped at each other in shock before saying at almost exactly the same time, "You!"

The dark hared woman looked at Allison in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

"You're real," Allison murmured, looking at her dream woman in surprise. She shook her head, "There's a crazy blonde lady chasing me with a sword!"

"Sharin," the dark hared woman said softly. She gently pulled Allison to her feet, "Are you all right?"

An odd tingle ran through Allison's body as she took the dark hared woman's hand, a very pleasant sensation. "I think so," she managed.

Before any more reasonable conversation could begin, there was a roar of wind, and Sharin appeared at the alley's mouth. "There you are, Jenna" she growled.

"Get behind me," Jenna ordered Allison softly before turning to face Sharin. "I'm not going back," she informed her.

"Do you know how much this has inconvenienced your mother?" Sharin complained, throwing her hands in the air. "She's had to reschedule the latest meeting of the great conference because of you," she griped.

Dryly, Jenna answered, "I'm so touched."

"If you come back now," Sharin put her hands on her hips, "you can still attend the marriage meetings your mother planned." She added hopefully, "I'm sure that a suitable suitor will turn up eventually."

"That won't be necessary," Jenna declared. "I have already found my lifemate, the most handsome man I have ever met," she said, reaching back to take Allison's hand.

Allison gulped. 'Do I tell her now, or later?' she wondered. Softly, "Uhm, Jenna?"

"Yes," the tall, dark haired beauty asked her quietly.

"I'm a girl," Allison confessed, blushing faintly.

Jenna looked at her, her dark eyes meeting Allison's, then she smiled. "That does not matter to me," she said, "for I have seen into your heart."

"Break it up, you're making me sick," Sharin complained bitterly. The blonde haired woman's eyes widened, "You've bonded with her already, haven't you?"

"Yes," Jenna admitted, reaching over to gently caress the wing pattern on each of Allison's shoulder blades.

"Bonded?" Allison echoed faintly, but neither woman heard her.

"We are SO doomed," Sharin grabbed the sides of her head, turning about in little circles in her distress. Her face brightened, "I know! I'll tell the Queen I couldn't find you." She paused, then her face fell, "There's no way she'd buy that."

"Why don't you stick around here?" Jenna suggested cheerfully, "At least, until you can decide what to do?"

Sharin pushed her hair back, "Not like I have much choice."

Faintly, Allison asked, "Would someone please tell me what is going on here?"
Author's Note: Loosely based around an anime called "UFO Princess Valkyrie," but with some major changes. I liked the idea, but a lot of elements of the series didn't work for me. I'll also be using elements of 'Tenchi Muyo,' one of the best harem series of all time.