A/N: Something really old that I wrote in middle school. The first of a series of fics about a friend and her old boyfriend. Names have been changed to protect privacy, of course.


NEENAH was walking home from school one afternoon; totally ignorant of what she would face that day. As she strolled towards home, her eye caught an old, dilapidated edifice. A sign barely hanging onto the building read "MR. LINDEN'S LIBRARY" in peeling letters. NEENAH was quite curious, for she had never seen it there before. So she walked up to it and went in.

As NEENAH opened the door, she noticed something strange. All the books were covered with dust and none seemed to have been touched in a long time. In the corner was a man, bent over a book. Suddenly he looked up at her.

"May I help you?" the man asked.

"Uh, I just wanted to get a book to read over the weekend…" Neenah stammered.

"Well," Mr. Linden replied, "it seems I have quite a few…'magical' books for you, dearie."

Neenah decided to browse. Suddenly, she saw a dust-ridden book fall from the shelf. She brushed it off and read Haenly in raised leather letters. Hmm, that's strange… she thought.

Mr. Linden was talking. "Remember, dearie, don't get too…wrapped up in the book…" Neenah mumbled something and left.

After Neenah got home, she started playing her violin. She practiced two hours straight for no practical reason and then proceeded to play her piano for another three grueling hours. Sometimes I really think she's nuts. Anyway…

After dinner Neenah went upstairs to read her new book. As she read into the night, she felt a growing suspense to know what will happen to the characters. The plot was about a girl named…Neenah…uh, right…who was living a happy life, totally unaware of the fact that it was not to be. How could she have known that her destiny was with a guy named Haenly? But fate intervened and a Venus flytrap ate Haenly when he was just a baby. So one day, Neenah went to Mr. Linden's Library and took out the book called Haenly…

Here Neenah stopped. OK, things had gotten seriously weird. But a strange force made her go back to the book.

…She was reading to the very last page when suddenly, leaves came out of the book! A vine wrapped itself around her and together she and the book disappeared.

Together forever.

Neenah heard rustling. A vine slipped out of the book. Then another. And another. Somehow she felt no fear as they suffocated her and then dragged her body with them. Into the book.

Neenah and Haenly.

Together Forever.