A/N: Something really old that I wrote in middle school. The third of a series of fics about a friend and her old boyfriend. Names have been changed to protect privacy, of course.


Disclaimer: Names of characters are not meant to imply any relationships.


Haenly ran through the documents again. ID, passport, birth certificate, medical transcripts, etc. All there.

He sighed. It would be hard to disguise kills here in such a small town, but he was willing to take the risk. Haenly was tired of the big cities.

Night school. What a perfect cover. He could learn about his victims before destroying them. All the better to chose whom to kill.

Haenly glanced at the night sky. It was starting to brighten. He sighed again and headed for the basement of his new house.

It was time to get into his satin-lined coffin.

Chapter 1

Neenah couldn't help but bite her nails nervously, even as she told herself there was nothing to worry about. She wondered if she could ever be welcomed back into her old life again.

It had been two years. Two years since the incident. Two years since Neenah plunged a fork into a classmate's ear and threatened her life.

Neenah sighed. She shouldn't be thinking about that. The past was the past, that's what her psychiatrist always said.

But she wouldn't ever have to see her psychiatrist again, if she was lucky. Her family was picking her up today, to take her home.

"Home to what?" Neenah wondered aloud. Her family was loving, but sometimes she just couldn't bear their slow and dull ways. Neenah had been deemed a child genius at the age of six. And she had been treated like one, even though she had started to show violent tendencies at the age of eight.

"Honey, are you all right?" a voice asked from close by.

Neenah jumped before she could recognize the anxious face of her mother.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Mo-moth…I'm fine," Neenah answered, choking on the word. She hadn't said it in so long, ever since that quarrel they had when she was 13, two years before the incident. Now it didn't sound right.

Neenah's mother didn't say anything, only led Neenah outside to her car. They drove back in silence.

Chapter 2

Neenah groaned. They were sending her to night school. Well, what did she expect? Public day schools were forever forbidden to her.

She groaned again and made her way into the school building amid the gaggle of students. Neenah pushed past students and finally came to her homeroom. She grabbed an empty desk and slumped in it, totally ignoring the unnaturally pale boy sitting next to her.

She didn't notice his intense brown eyes gaze attentively at every single student in the room. She didn't realize that those eyes were now focused completely on her.

Chapter 3

Haenly observed the various students coming into the cramped classroom. Most of their minds were dull and uninteresting. The usual crowd of boring mortals.

But suddenly, he became aware of someone quite different. His eyes locked on the girl just coming in. She wasn't very tall, to say the least. But her features were graceful, almost feline. The way that she moved and the boredom of a predator that shone in her eyes.

This girl slumped into the desk next to him. Haenly wondered who she was. Then he shook himself mentally. Duh, you're thinking like a mortal. Find out from her mind. He felt stupid. After all, it had been centuries since he had thought himself a mere human.

Neenah. That was her name. The very sound of it gave him a vague pleasure. Not unlike the pleasure of taking life.

Haenly wanted to slap himself. He was becoming obsessed with a mortal! The last time that had happened, Dracula had been born. He had sworn never to make another fledgling.

Suddenly, the girl turned, as if just feeling the eyes on her. Haenly sighed.

Yes, he was in love with a mortal.

Chapter 4

Neenah turned suddenly and found herself looking directly into the face of the cutest guy she ever laid eyes on. His eyes seemed like pools of chocolate, his skin dazzling.

"Hi, I'm Neenah," she introduced herself. Why had she done that? Neenah was never known to be very friendly or outgoing. But he was cute.

"Haenly," was the reply.

Just then he bell rang. Before Neenah could strike up a conversation with the mysterious boy, class started.

But as she went home that night, Neenah smiled for the first time.

She had a crush on Haenly.

…6 months later…

Chapter 5

Haenly dropped his victim into the swamp, still savoring the warm, rich blood. He could still almost taste it. But alas, it was only a memory now. Mortals died too easily.

Haenly set out to go back to his resting place. Recently, the unexplained deaths in this small town had aroused a lot of suspicion. Almost everyone was paranoid about setting out after dark.

Except Neenah. On impulse, Haenly imagined what Neenah's blood would taste like. He wanted to savor every drop of it, as well as every bit of her life it would offer him, like an open book.

No. He would not destroy Neenah to quench his thirst and longing.

There was another consideration, of course. But Neenah would never accept it, never. She wasn't a creature of the night. She deserved to see the sun.

Haenly checked his watch.

"Mèrde," he cursed silently. He was late for his date.

Haenly ran back to his house. Uh-oh, the lights were on. Neenah was there already.

"Neenah," he called out. No one answered.

"Neenah, where are you?" he yelled, searching every room upstairs and downstairs. There was nothing to be found.

Then he noticed the basement light.

"Oh no," he whispered. Neenah couldn't know about that, never.

He rushed down the steps. Neenah looked at him calmly.

"What are you?" she asked quietly.

Chapter 6

Neenah couldn't believe it. Her boyfriend was a freaking vampire! Not only that, but he was also responsible for all those strange disappearances.

"Are you all right?" he asked gently.

She nodded mutely. Yeah, of course she was fine. Why wouldn't she be?

"I love you," Haenly suddenly blurted out. Neenah looked up, startled. But she didn't reply. She saw the pained expression on Haenly's face, but she still didn't respond.

"I have to go home," Neenah said quietly.

Haenly nodded and walked her to the door. He bent to kiss her but she pulled back. He tried to mask the wound she opened in his heart.

"Good night, dearest. And farewell, my love," Haenly whispered.

He couldn't remain here any longer.

Chapter 7

Neenah paced restlessly. She had to tell him that she loved him! She had to! He was leaving, and in all probability, she would most likely never see him again.

Neenah made an impulsive decision. She would go find him in the woods. That's where his hunting grounds were. And that's where he would most likely be at this time of night.

Neenah grabbed her coat and ran outside.

Chapter 8

Haenly ran through the woods, not caring whether anyone took notice of him. He just didn't care anymore. He had already killed three humans recklessly out of his despair, not even bothering to drink their blood.

Suddenly, another figure appeared in front of him. Funny, how it reminded him of Neenah.

Neenah. He didn't care about her anymore, at least that's what he told himself. To think that there was a chance that she could have possibly loved him.

But Haenly could not get the image of her out of his mind. So to convince himself that he no longer cared, he easily grabbed the hapless mortal and snapped her spine in one fluid motion.

It was then that he realized it was Neenah.

"Haenly," she whispered. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry." Tears flowed down her cheeks. "I love you." Her eyes began to glaze over.

Haenly stared in disbelief. No…no, Neenah couldn't die! No! He loved her!

Too late. She survived just long enough to say those last words.

Chapter 9

Haenly hugged Neenah's lifeless body to his own. He couldn't cry, no he didn't have tear ducts anymore. So he felt the pain ever more deeply in his heart.

Haenly's vampiric senses told him that dawn was approaching, but he didn't care in the least. He couldn't go on existing with the knowledge that he had killed Neenah.

To any casual observer, a boy in his mid teens knelt in a meadow, clutching the blood-soaked body of a girl of about the same age. And any casual observer would have been very alarmed to see the boy literally burst into flames as the sun's first rays lighted the sky.

Neenah was found the next day by a search party, along with three other victims.

Haenly's body was never found. He had been reduced to a pile of ash and was blown away by the wind.


"Neenah!" Haenly cried out, running towards his love.

"Haenly!" Neenah called back, embracing him.

"I never thought I'd see you here," Haenly admitted. "I didn't think we'd ever end up together."

"Well," Neenah laughed. "I haven't been exactly perfect, either."

Neenah and Haenly were together again. For eternity.

They'd be tortured and roasted together, always together, in the Eternal flames of Hell.