Part 1

Chapter 5

They ran for the stairs and Edward kicked the door open, the man the other side was sent down the first part of the stairs. The room they entered was the same one Edward had seen from the outside, though then he hadn't realised it was two storeys high. The stairs they had come out on ran above the window he had looked through. The double doors he knew led outside were on the other side of the room straight ahead. A simple table sat at the far side of the room, to their right, though the chairs around it were no longer occupied. The men originally in the room when he had looked in, were no longer alone, and a quick count gave the number now there as seventeen. They quickly started down the steps; to turn round now would be like giving in. Sally was in front, and, as she made the second flight an armed man fired on her with an automatic, taking her legs from under her and causing her to fall the rest of the way. Edward was right behind, and felt a bullet hit him in the side, though it didn't slow him down.

As Michael reached the small platform, the dark haired man who had been knocked down grabbed his feet and sent Michael over the rail. Michael hit the floor hard, as he looked up a man held a gun to his face, to his left he could see Edward at Sally's side. At the base of the stairs, more gunmen stood over them as well.

They hadn't made it.

Michael waited for the end. It never came. He closed his eyes and heard a massive bang, but it wasn't the sound of a gun firing. It was the sound made by a small black mini smashing through the large double doors to the warehouse.

Michael's eyes opened and he grabbed the gun away from the man standing over him and kicked upwards. Michael was too focussed to cringe in sympathy for his attacker. He flipped onto his feet and used the man's bent form to flip over his back and kick two more opponents down. He ran for the car, kicking or pushing away anyone who got in the way.

Kate had got out of the car to help Sally get in the back while Edward used anything he grabbed as a weapon to fight off his opponents. Even the men's own bodies as he flung them into others.

Michael reached the car, rolled over its bonnet to reach the other side, and got in.

"Edward! Now!" He shouted as he put the car in gear, knocking down more enemies.

Kate had got in the back with Sally and was trying to stop the bleeding from the many bullet wounds in her legs. Edward heard Michael's call, and as the mini came past him, jumped into the passenger's side, shutting the door just moments before they drove out through the hole Kate had made only moments before.

Michael felt the back of his head, his hair was thick with blood, he had hit the ground hard, but he felt no pain. Only adrenaline ran through his veins now, pure adrenaline.

"They're giving chase." Kate said, looking behind. "And Sally's losing blood fast, we need to get to a hospital."

"We'll have to lose those guys first." Edward said, already weak with blood loss as well. His second gunshot wound was far more fatal than the first.

"Don't worry about me, I've got time yet." Sally said, trying to hide the pain in her voice.

"Just hold on, this mini maybe racing spec' but we wont outrun them." Michael said

He was proved right too quickly as one of the following cars pulled along side and rammed into the driver's side of the mini.

"Dam son of a..."Michael started, but a second collision interrupted him.

The mini raced the car along side, round five bends, taking hits when the other driver was able, before a junction came into view. The turning was to Michael's right, and he had an idea. Checking his mirrors he could see the other chasing car a little way back.

"Hold on!" He shouted, and hit the brakes.

The car along side suddenly gained the lead, and opened the door to the turning. Spinning the wheel, Michael hit the accelerator again and the black mini, now with large dents in its side, turned towards the new road. It went wide, cutting over a grass covered corner, but made it, leaving the pursuing cars in its wake.

His passengers were shaken up a bit, but he enjoyed the reckless speed he was driving and felt it was even more fun cross-country.

"We won't be able to stay ahead for long, any idea where we are?" Edward said.

"None," Michael said, "it wasn't as if I had the time to look at the sign post."

"They're catching up again!" Kate said as she continued to look out the back window.

"Already!" Michael said, "Gee I thought I bought us more time than that."

The pursuing cars were right back up to the mini's bumper in no time, and the one who had been ramming before shunted the back.

"The owner is going to be pissed when we give him his car back." Michael said.

A bend came up on the road and before Michael could turn in, the car behind shunted him again and sent the mini out of Michael's control.

The black mini went over the grass hill at the bend, and down the embankment of a motorway.

"Lucky there arn't meny cars about." Edward said as Michael wove his way through what little traffic there was as he regained control of the car and proceeded to accelerate.

"I'm just glad were going the right way. Are they following?"

"Yeah." Kate said subdued, as she watched their pursuers drive down the embankment and onto the motorway.

"There's never a copper when you need one." Edward said.

"At this hour in the morning I'm not surprised." Kate said.

"At least it's started to brighten up a bit." Sally added.

"Ah…" Michael said.

"What?" Edward asked, worried.

"Due to the fact we are now on a motorway, we have no advantage at all." He continued, as one of their pursuers quickly passed them.

"He's going to block the junction." sally realised.

"How far to the next one?" Kate asked

"About seven miles, then we have to get back." Michael said and glanced back to Sally. "You won't last that long." He said matter-of-factly and looked to Edward before his eyes settled back on the road. "And neither will you."

"Couldn't you go around the blockage?"

"No, if we try, the car behind will pin us in, and it would be over."

"Any ideas?" Kate said.

Edward saw the bridge coming up in the distance. Not far in front was one other vehicle, an empty transport vehicle, with the ramps poorly supported. An idea hit.

"Mike, get behind that lorry." He said, fingering an automatic gun that he had taken in the fight earlier.

"What's the plan?"

Edward wound down the window, and leaned out with the weapon.

"Er… I hope you're not…"

Michael was interrupted as Edward fired the machine gun at the lorry. His aim wasn't perfect, but with the constant spray of bullets he managed to sever the chain holding the two ramps in place. While he was half out of the car, a passenger in the chasing car took advantage of a clear shot and fired on Edward, the bullet hitting him in the small of the back, and piercing his heart.

But the wound didn't kill him. Edward fell back into his seat, but did not have the strength to recouple his seatbelt; the gun he had used had fallen from his hands, but thankfully was not needed.

"Okay Mike." Edward managed. "Now we have a ramp."

"It's moving."

Edward managed to smile and let out half a laugh. "Just makes it a more interesting story to tell our future kids."

"I can't believe we're doing this." Michael said, as he pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor. He knew any other way would be too slow, and two of his friends wouldn't make it. He also noticed Kate had been struggling to breathe, her weakened lung wasn't up to all this excitement, and it may have already collapsed; though Kate wouldn't say if it had. He knew she wouldn't want him to worry.

The mini hit the ramp, which scraped along the road and was soon flying through the air towards the bridge. The driver of the still chasing car decided to follow despite the protests of his colleagues. The wheels of the mini scraped the top of the metal barrier of the bridge before touching down onto Tarmac again. Michael hit the brakes and spun the steering wheel, twisting the car so that the passenger side slammed into the opposite barrier.

The barrier held.

Taking quick, short breaths, Michael turned to see a car fly towards him. He barely had time to throw the mini into gear and pull out of the way of the oncoming car, which, due to the fact that the ramp was moving, actually jumped clean over the bridge and landed back hard on the motorway, in front of the continuing transport. The explosive coming together of the two vehicles was quite spectacular, and Michael would have said so if he had seen it, but the mini was already far from the bridge.

"I can't believe we made it." Michael said, speeding down a twisting country lane.

"We won't all make it unless we get to a hospital fast." Sally said sitting back into the rear seat. "Edward's unconscious and his pulse is weak. Probably won't be long before I black out."

Michael could hear the weakness in her voice.

"And…" Kate struggled, gasping for breath. "It's…getting…"

"Don't talk Kate." Michael interrupted, "I can guess what you're going to say, we will make it to a hospital in time."

As Michael brought the mini rushing round a particularly sharp corner he blinked with sudden shock. Directly in front of him, just up the road, was a swirling mass of colour.

The light coming from it's centre was bright, yet strangely disconnected from his surrounding world, as if all the light was directed straight to him, nothing near the light seemed to reflect it. But he could see it, and, judging from the gasps behind, so could the girls.

"Shame you can't see this Ed." He said as the mini started to slow down.

"I ain't dead…yet…" Edward said in a hushed whisper.

"I won't be able to stop."

The mini continued into the mass of light, and vanished from the world.

All Edward could remember was a similar electricity in the air like before. The others seemed to feel it for the first time. No one witnessed the event, and when the mini was gone, the mass of swirling light was soon gone as well, leaving no trace.


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