Sweet Dreams


There I sat slightly sleeping,
when my teacher yelled, 'My hair is missing!'
I spun out of my chair and unto the floor,
there I slept with another snore.

Later I awake with a sputter,
only to fall back over into a gutter.
I cracked open an eye and to my dismay,
there above me circled vultures and birds of prey!
'Oh, boy,' I muttered. 'What a joyous day...'

Once more I sat up carefully,
watching the birds of prey circle me diligently.
'Wait a moment,' I looked around me. 'Where are my milk and cookies?!'
I sprang up to my feet with a mighty leap.
Once more I somehow managed to fall over and begin to sleep.

Then again I awoke and looked around.
This time I was sitting on a pitching mound!
'Oh, dear me...how'd I get here?' I wondered out loud.

'Hello!' sang a bird brightly buckled in gray.
'My name is Coo-coo! Who are you?'
I starred at the curious bird.
How did such a thing know these words?
I starred and I starred until the bird was nothing more,
but gray swirls tumbling, falling, sinking forever more.

I think again I fell back asleep.
This time I awoke to the sound of a beep!
Then came my mother knocking on my door.
'C'mon dear! It's time to go to the store!'
I mumbled and groaned as I crawled out of bed.
I, of course, managed to hit my head.
I grumbled and moaned once again,
as the walls began to spin!

This time before I awoke,
someone was cooking.
Cooking with smoke.
I choked and I gagged.
I even almost fell over dead!
Though this time before I truly awoke,
All I remember was me choking...
choking on that evil smoke.

Sometime later,
I don't remember when,
I cracked open an eye once again.
This time I saw what I should have seen all along.
My milk and cookies sitting where they belonged!

Though they seemed to mock,
like I was just some rock.
For truly I was not.
I looked and I watched but I could not find out,
Why they seemed to hate me without a doubt.

I longed for the sweet, delicate taste of the cookie.
I wanted the cool, refreshing drink sitting by me.
They continued their game to laugh and taunt.
I grumbled and I growled as I watched from afar.
Someone had stolen my yummy cookie bar!

Then from a distance beyond my hearing,
someone was clearly yelling.
They seemed to say my name.
Closer the sound ever became.

Slowly it began to rain.
The slow, dreadful pitter-patter drove me insane!
And again I heard someone calling my name.
It was like I was trapped within a picture frame.
Everything I could see through the glossy film,
but nothing I could say would ever be heard.
Oh, if only I were a bird!

Once again came that calling of my name.
I feared I would never be sane.
I cracked open an eye and to my dismay,
there was teacher holding my failing grade.