I was walking through the cemetery, looking for your grave when I saw "him" sitting on a head stone. He was clothed in his black robes, well, after the many millennia they were more a dark gray but it was still impressive. The long scythe he held in his hand glimmered dully in the moonlight. Death continued to read the names on the headstones, slowly he paced through the rows of headstones, softly reciting the causes of death of them all and mumbling his comments of "that was a job…… ah, yes, I remember that one…." to himself. I fell into step behind him and he acknowledged me with a nod, still reading the names. I collected my courage to speak to him after a few minutes.

"Ah… Sir Death?..."

He did not look at me but kept his eyes (or whatever was under his hood) on the graves. He had one hand inside his cloak and the other on his scythe, using it as a walking stick.


"May I ask you another question?"


"Well, how did you get your… job?"

"Sit down with me and I'll tell you." He motioned for me to come and sit beside him on the headstone. Death leaned his blade against his shoulder and looked at me, pointing a gray-gloved hand at a bulge in my bag. "Are you going to drink that?" I had left a can beer in that pocket. I took it out and handed it to him, he cracked it open and I suppose he took a swig. He took it out of his hood again. "So, you want to know how I got my job."

"Yes, if you don't mind." I studied the crucifix headstone before me.

Death nodded and started to speak. "Back in the night of time, -he pointed to the sky- created Earth in six days. One the sixth day" -he pointed to the sky- "was tired and rested. In addition, on Earth, lay the Garden of Eden. That was a Garden where everyone lived in peace. The lion played with the sheep, the eagle slept next to the pigeon and the shark fed on the bubbles of air floating around in the ocean." -He pointed to the sky- "had also created on creature to look after the Garden," -he pressed on my chest with his index finger-, "that was your kind. He created a human, a man to be specific. Oooh yes, the Garden was beautiful. Trees were magnificent and existed in all colors, mountaintops were covered with beautiful snow and little animals played around in it. The snow was not cold but had a nice temperature. Nevertheless, there was one rotten tree in the Garden." -He pointed to the sky- "Had used technology of his kind to create the Garden. That tree was the self-destruction button." -He pointed to the sky- "had told the man not to eat the fruits of the tree. If he would do that, self-destruction would be initiated. That man bored himself to death and" -he pointed to the sky- "took a rib of him by surgery. He cloned the man but changed the gender so man and woman could have "fun" together. You know what I mean of course. Now, nobody knows what happened but an apple was taken from the rotten tree. Not even the guardian appointed by" -he pointed to the sky-, "the snake was able to prevent it as he was tricked. Humankind would blame it on the woman, but do not believe those books too much.
Humankind was banned from the garden and the lion ate the sheep, the eagle ate the pigeon that had done nothing wrong and the shark, you know. The Garden of Eden was destroyed and the guardian of the rotten tree got a new job. He was assigned the job of taking the souls of the death humans to the afterlife. The Garden of Eden still exists you know. That's the place were the souls of the death go too. That's where I take them, I have to admit, I liked my former job more." He finished his beer when he finished the story and I nodded. I watched as he stood, crushed the beer can and tossed it into the garbage can, taking his scythe into his hand again he turned to me, nodded and said, "Now, have a good day further and I'll make sure you die in your sleep when you are very, very old. I have a job to attend to. I will see you later on in life… and death." I thought he smiled but I could not see it. As he passed by a pool of water, I saw what he was hiding under the hood. A middle-aged man with his long hair slightly graying, but he did not have the normal colored skin; he had that of a snake. Death paused, turned and looked at me. "Many curse me and spit on my name. I am just a force of nature, if I stopped taking peoples' souls the world would over flow and everyone would die at once. Many say that Jesus Christ died for our sins and took all the weight of the world upon his back. But it is I who has the biggest burden of all; I bring everyone sadness and despite what they all may think, I have empathy for them," I thought I saw a tear glisten behind his hood in the soft moonbeams. "But, I guess, someone has to do it."