By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have any of you ever had to only stare death straight in the face for you to admit your love to a very special girl?
That was exactly what had happened to one Harrison Speilberg,who had drove all the way to a small town of Stormfront,North Dakota to perform one single task--to study for the causes of the many thunderstorms that were frequently popping up in the area.
As soon as he had arrived in town,Harrison had gotten out of the car,walked into a nearby diner and sat down,before asking to have a look at the menu.
The waitress who had gave the menu to Harrison was known as Hallie Canyon,who was supposed to had left town to search for a better life.
But that was before her former boyfriend had conned her out of every penny that she had to her name and skipped town,forcing Hallie to have no choice,but to take the job of waitress in the diner.
Anyway,after she had gave the menu to Harrison,Hallie had placed a pencil on her order pad and asked,"What will yo have,sir?"
And just as he was about to order his lunch,Harrison had looked at Hallie and saw that she had the most beautiful blue eyes in the world.
Sometime later,after he was finished with his lunch,Hallie had took Harrison over to her parents' house,where he was supposed to spend the night.
But then,after he had placed his suitcase on the bed,Harrison had suddenly noticed a strange formation of clouds hovering towards the house.
And after he had gotten his bioloculars out of the case and examined them more closely,Harrison's worst fears have been confirmed,for he had discovered that they were the type of clouds that were able to produce the deadliest thunderstorms that were ever witnessed on Earth.
After he had ran back downstairs and told Hallie about what was coming,she had took Harrison by the hand quickly took him to the safety of the basement.
As soon as they had gotten themselves into the basement and wind and rain had started pounding at the house,Hallie had looked at Harrison and asked,"Back at the diner,just before you had ordered your lunch,you were looking at me,because of my blue eyes.Right?"
After he had took a deep breath,Harrison had placed his gentle hands on her arms and answered,"Yes,Hallie.And believe me,you stiil do."
And with that,both Hallie and Harrison had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
And while the stormy weather had kept on slamming on the house,Harrison and Hallie were enjoying one of the most erotic nights ever in recorded history.
The very next day,after the storm system had finally passed,Harrison and Hallie had gotten themselves out of the basement and went outside to check on the outside of the house.
And even though it had looked like it had seen better days,the house was still standing and the two newfound lovers are still alive.
And then,a few months later,Harrison Speilberg had married Hallie Canyon and seattled down in the same town that had brought them together in the first place--Stormfront,North Dakota.