"Return From Solitude"

Dark as night within a room

The door was shut upon my tomb.

I waited long for day to come;

Those empty, wasted years have gone.


Ever trapped inside my mind

And in despair I tried to find

The handle and forgotten key

To free me from that misery.


A scream emitted from my lungs

But got no farther than my tongue.

The silence of my tomb must stay

Unbroken; death would have its way.


I had a single windowpane

But could only look in vain.

The sun would always rise and set

With or without my consent.


I entered into the unknown world.

All around me blackness swirled.

There was no fear, but hesitation

Held me back from realization.


One of many, all are one

Revealed beneath the vital sun.

We have the power to control

The final path we take our soul.