Reflections in the Water

Walking along a riverbed,

Humming softly to herself,

A figure stops to drink from the river.

She cups her hands,

And pulls the water to her mouth.

She begins to continue down the path,

When she notices her reflection in the water.

She dips her toes into the river,

And watches as the ripples wash it away.


To her surprise,

A new picture takes shape.

This time a child,

Taking its first steps.

The ripples continue.


Now there is a young girl,

Being taught how to sew and weave.

Another ripple comes.

The girl is no longer young,

But a beautiful maiden,

Running through the fields of wheat.

More ripples.


In place of the field.

Is now a forest.

Three people stand, framed by the trees.

One, the beautiful maiden,

Dressed in flowing white

With flowers woven in her hair.

She is holding the hand of a young man,

Cloaked in black and red.

He smiles down at her,

And leans in for a kiss.

A ripple washes it away.


Now the man and woman

Sit at a cottage,

Surrounded by three children,

Smiling at each other.

More ripples fly by.


The children are grown now,

The man and woman old,

Yet still they smile.

A small ripple chases the picture away.


Now there are two gravestones,

Side by side,

'Beloved father and husband,'

'Beloved mother and wife,'

Is how they read.


A final ripple passes by,

And the young woman stands there,

Staring at her reflection once more.

A voice rings out,

She turns her head,

And smiles at the man,

Cloaked in red and black,

Standing at the edge of the path.