Darkness Reigns

By: Obsidian Night

Raven feathers in darkness

Cloud the sun in brightness

A new day has begun

Yet I feel no need to rush

To feel the light rays of sun

My vision is suited for dark

The moonbeams suit me well

Friendship and love; forgotten words

They do not reside in my heart

I shade my eyes to the sunlight

Pupils constricted to adjust

The breeze filters around me

And warmth soaks through my skin

But it can not get past the wall

The tolerance to happiness in me

That I have constructed daily

Over the past years

Midnight shadows

Obsidian flames

Wolfish calls to darkness

Blood rains

Pandora had hope left

After evil fled the box

Well I think that evil came to me

And found my box of hope

Then after all chaos reigned in life

And hope was shattered by the dark

I am Fallen

Broken to the world

Retreated from the nightmare

And into the dream

At least what's left,

Of my shattered dream

Now turned to shards of reality