Hey yall......here is a poem I wrote..I know it may not be that good but, I was bored and I just grabbed a pen and paper and wrote. Please no flames..
As I stare at the deepness,

I begin to drown,

Not caring,

Only drifting in the waves,

The wind sweeps me away,

To the field of flowers,

They're all the same,

All but one,

To one it may be a weed,

But in my eyes,

It's a rose,

The sweetness,

It's like a dream,

Never hoping to wake,

But to stay in this trance,

Forever more,

My chariot to freedom,

My wave I surf to find happiness,

My stairway to freedom,

My path to love,

Will it ever end,

This taste I sense in my mind,

Shall it vanish to find another soul to caress,

Or will it be mine till the day I pass to an endless land of daisies?

Could this be the end?

My heart flutters as the sweet caressing feeling becomes stronger,

My eyes search to find the host,

But in the endless crowd of bodies,

How shall I dare find him,

But yet, as my heart begins to break,

He stands at the back of the crowd,

Do I approach or stand and glance from afar,

I take one step, followed by another,

Then stop, my mind says go and my body says stay,

My eyes wide open,

Then I turn, and begin to walk away,

As I walk to the door,

A warm, gentle hand falls to my shoulder,

I turn and look up,

My eyes fall into sync with large, deep, brown eyes,

For a moment I feel as if heaven fell to earth,

My heart skipped a beat as the silence stayed,

Then the words of hello love pass my ears,

My face turns to have a puzzled look appear on it,

Followed by a smile,

Then I open my mouth to speak but no words pass my lips,

But what is a world where words are needed to express emotions,

As I try to speak a second time, a finger is pressed ever so lightly against them,

As if they are telling me not to speak,

I obey, and look to the ground,

But my chin is lifted to once again meet the deep eyes I once drowned in,

My lips are suddenly pressed against his,

And my world is suddenly a heavenly bliss,

As we pull apart it is if the world suddenly fell into oblivion,

I missed the feeling of being showed that I was loved,

As if he could read my mind, once again life was heaven on earth,

My heart knew as well as my mind, that sooner or later this feeling would vanish,

And once again, I would feel alone,

This is one thing that should never be felt,

If you could live life without any one feeling it should be loneliness,

Because love doesn't seem to feel the same,

When you are apart and alone,

Try as you might to be strong and forget,

But there just is no such thing as loss of memory,

When it comes to these things,

But then as life is finally close to banishment,

My hopes are lifted and it is again spring in your soul,

And dreams,

Can once again,

Be lived,

So be happy while you have loved,

Because as once said,

'It is better to be loved and lost than never to have loved at all',

And as I walk away to go home to my deep love and depression,

I know that one day,

My life will once again be fulfilled with magic and spark,

When I see my sweet again,

To taste everlasting love in your soul,

Is worth every fiber of your body,

Because of its bliss,

As I turn to say goodbye for this point in time,

I shed a single tear,

And he watches it slide gently down my cheek,

Before slipping his finger to my face to wipe it away,

Eyes shining,

Our bodies meet one last time,

In a kiss,

Of love,

Goodbye until we meet,


Aishiteru Koibito.