Alright, this is your warning. This was an English II assignment, and it's kind of, erm, not sane. You have been warned. Read at the risk of your own mind.
Toast, Gophers, & Chemical F
One random day in 2120, the leaders from all over the world gathered together to make a very important decision. You see, by this time artificial surfaces had been build over much of the world's oceans to support the need for space due to incredible population increases. The world was an unorganized mess! So, one day a scientist whose name is now long forgotten, thought to himself, "Why not just rebuild the world into one large city?" This was the idea they were discussing. They all thought it to be an idea of absolute genious, so the project, funded by a company that would soon be hidiously rich, began.

2789. The world has now been a single city for a long time. This city is called Dasani. It has one school. One hospital. And, you guessed it! One Nuclear Chemical Plant. One day at this very very large Nuclear Chemical Plant, a Tuesday in case you wanted to know, a ruddy little man was working. He wasn't a very good worker, proven by the fact that while he was supposed to be working at the moment, he wasn't. Instead of checking for leaks in the room he was currently in, filled with various amounts of absolutly useless and boring chemicals, he was fiddling with a lighter. His name was Scotty, and he had a problem. Besides the fact that he was incredibly stupid and just happened to stumble onto everything he ever did, quite by accident that is, he hated rules and being told what to do. He would do just the opposite to be difficult. So this particular day he had found out that fire was prohibited in this room, hence the lighter. Now, as soon as he lit the small device something was bound to happen, and it did. Unknown to Scotty, one of the chemicals containers in this room had sprung a leak. When the fire came in contact with this chemical, it caused a chain reaction of explosions that let the other chemicals loose. Scotty, being unbelieveably lucky at the moment, escaped. Sure his eyebrows and other hair had been burnt off, but the important thing was not that he looked like something from a country fair freak show, it was that he was alive to cause inevitable problems. Why inevitable? Because the room he escaped into had a monitoring system that could track these particular chemicals to their destination. Dasani's huge hospital that just happened to be right next door. Coincidence? Of couse!

Now at this point in our story, something should probably be explained. This Tuesday was the beginning of the Flu Season in Dasani. For several months everyone would be getting their flu vacinations. There was a problem with this though. The chemicals had contaminated many things, the most important being the Flu Vacinations, all of them. When those formerly boring and harmless chemicals combined with the vacinations, it created a terrible thing. Chemical F!

At this very moment the first person was being injected with their flu shot. He was an old balding man in his late fifties, his name was Henry. But, Henry's name isn't really important right now. In fact, it's not important at all. What you do need to know is that after his shot, Henry felt a very odd rubbery sensation! The first of many rubbery feelings the people of Dasani would endure. But, the people of Dasani went on, Chemical F unknown to all but one of them. Scotty.

In a completely different part of the world was a farm. The only farm in fact. This was because instead of food being grown on farms, it was now grown in a scientific lab in Dasani. On this farm lived two sisters. Franka and Gidget. Both were very pretty young girls in their early twenties with auburn hair and chocolate coloured eyes. They were almost physicly identical, except that Franka was a couple of inches taller than Gidget. Their farm was incredibly advanced with a huge underground house and crops surrounding it. Why an underground house? Because it allowed them to go out into tunnels in the ground and check the roots of their crops. Now today was a very unordinary day. Because the two girls were packing to go on an insanely long and troublesome trip to Dasani. Earlier that week their ducks had been attacked by what they could only suspect to be rabid gophers. Yes, I know what you're thinking, gophers don't eat ducks, but remember, this is 2789 and they have evolved! But, in any case, the ducks had to be replaced, and the only way to do that was to travel all they way to Dasani, which would take months.

But, back in Dasani, rabid gophers were the least of people's problems. Because while everyone had gotten their shots and was now flu free, the rubbery feeling they recieved with it had only increased. Infact, Chemical F had mutated everyone into bubbles! Dasani was in Caos. At first they just kind of floated here and there, whether they liked it or not, but soon they discovered they could controll it. But, the idea of being a bubble did not appeal to most. Some disliked it so much that they attempted to pop themselves. They tried flinging themselves at pointy objects, such as the edges of kitchen counters. Others tired to crush themselves by positioning themselves beneath falling objects. But, all failed, they could not pop themselves. And soon they learned to enjoy being bubbles! The only problem was that Scotty was not a bubble. He had not gotten his flu shot and instead had been tinkering around with things in the Nuclear Chemical Plant. He had come across a very odd machine. It was shaped like a large silver box with two hatches. One hatch led into a chamber that was filled with gears surrounding a seat with a blinking purple button infront of it. On the right side was a blue tinted wheel that could only be turned to right. And on the left side was a neon pink lever. In the other hatch was a chamber which had nothing but a smooth box like interior. Scotty had discovered that if you put something in the second chamber and push the blinking purple button from the first, it will crush anything in the first chamber into a q-tip. He had no idea what the wheel or the lever did though, but he did not care. Because Scotty had a dream, literally, and in that dream he had been the Bubble Emperor! There were no more rules, and best of all, there was a bubble that always made him fresh, crispy, toast! And more than anything Scotty wanted a personal bubble toast maker-person. So he had a plan.

At precisely thirteen seconds past eleven twenty-three a.m. on a dreary Thursday morning an annoying high-pitched whine came over the loudspeakers that were used for public announcements in Dasani. Gidget and Franka happened to have arrived only five minutes earlier. "Muhahahaha!" The voice cackled, "You must all accept me as your emperor! The Bubble Emperor!" A picture flashed onto the screens that accompanied the speakers all over the cities. On it was none other than Scotty! And with him was the machine he had stumbled upon. "Because I, Scotty, have invented this contraption!" Gidget let out a stifled laugh at hearing him call it a 'contraption,' it had struck her funny, leading Franka to poke her in the arm. Franka thought the fact that this man was trying to take over the world a much more serious matter than her sister, who as if to prove a point was now idley chomping on bubble gum. Scotty went on explaining that it was his Bubble Popping Machine, and that if they did not obey him and make him toast he would pop them all. Franka did not find this idea at all to her liking and insisted to Gidget that they do something about it. Of course her sister agreed, and they set out through Dasani on a search for the infamous Scotty. Eventually they found him, and had a plan of their own, and since Scotty didn't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box, they figured it wouldn't be too difficult to carry out.

Wandering into the Nuclear Chemical Plant, Gidget and Franka found Scotty. He was sitting in the middle of an empty storage room holding a bit of string infront of his face. When he saw the pair his eyes nearly popped out of their tiny little sockets. "Good morning Mr. Bubble Emperor, Sir," Gidget said with a goofy smirk across her face. String. Har har. Once again Franka poked her, deleting her grin. Scotty stood up hastily, shoving the string in his pocket. "Who are you?" He questioned, annoyance biteing into his voice. "I'm Franka, and this is my sister Gidget. We're here to see if you've filled the toast makers possition yet," she attempted to hold in her own smile at the series of looks he gave them. "Very well, you can have the job," he replied, giving up on wondering why they were still fully human and not bubbles. He was incredibly hungry. "You start now. And hurry!" And so they went, looking not for a toaster, but for the Bubble Popping Machine. Which they eventually found right in the middle of a hallway. Imediatly they looked at it, trying to figure out how it worked. Gidget meerly chewed some more bubble gum untill Franka got into both chambers and discovered how it worked. Now the only question was how to make it not work. "Are you sure there wasn't a self-destruct button?" Gidget questioned again. "There's no self-destruct button Gidget. Think of something that would work!" "Well a self-destruct button would work! If it had one that is..." she paused thinking for a minute, "I've got it! We could melt it!" "With what?!" Franka exclaimed in absurd disbelief. "I dunno," Gidget shrugged. Then, to their annoyance, none other than Scotty came walking down the hall yelling for his toast. "Where is my toast!" He commanded. Gidget smiled sweetly and pointed to the smooth empty chamber of the Bubble Popping machine, "It's in there. Go in and get it!" "I will not listen to you, I am the Bubble Emperor! I will not!" He proclaimed, taking her words as a command that was too rule like. Gidget sighed, "Fine then, don't get in." Shock came over Scotty's face, "Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do!" With that he scrambled into the chamber, Gidget shutting him inside. Franka pushed the purple button, turned the teal wheel, and pushed the pink lever. A rumble was heard from inside the Bubble Popping Machine. Soon there was a high-pitched "ding!" and the door to Scotty's chamber popped open, revealing several ducks. "Wow! Look! What'dya know? Ducks!" Gidget informed her sister, popping her gum in victory. Franka stared at her sister, "Give me your gum." "What?" Now it was Gidget's turn to look at her sister as if she were crazy. "Oh just give it here." Gidget gave in, and Franka clogged the machines gears with the bubble gum, stopping the Bubble Popping Machine once and for all. Getting the ducks they headed back for home, the fact that the gophers had disposed of their chickens while they had been gone wasn't yet known to them. Neither were the rest of contaminated items at Dasani's hospital.
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