By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever had fallen in love with someone who was--shall we say--opposite of who you are?
Surprisingly enough,that was what had happened to a computer programer named Kevin Tompkins,who was on his way home from a hectic day at work.
Of course,since he had no driver's license,he had to take one of the RTA buses to and from work.
And it was on one of these buses that Kevin had met a tough talking female construction worker named Katherine Ford.
Well actually,she had ran into him by accident,for on that bus,it was crowded and everyone was standing in the bus and waiting for a seat to become available.
Just then,a sudden bump had bounced Katherine right on to Kevin's lap--an act that had gotten Katherine a slew of laughs from her coworkers,who were also on the bus.
After she had heard all that laughter,an enraged Katherine had turned towards Kevin and smacked him across the face.
But then,just as she was about to get back up and face her coworkers,Kevin had grabed her by the arm and demanded an apology.
And instead of an apology,Katherine had looked at Kevin straight in the eye and spat in his face.
That of course was the last straw,for he had took her over his knee and started spanking her butt--again and again and again.
As soon as the bus had stopped in front of a brownstone apartment building,Kevin had gotten off the bus,followed by a still angry Katherine.
And just as she was about to knock his block off,Kevin had bent down to pick up a letter that he had accidentaly dropped on the floor,causing Katherine to trip over Kevin and fall on her face.
After he had spotted Katherine on the floor,Kevin had helped her up and apologized for having tripped her like that.
But just as she was about to knock his block off anyway,something inside Katherine's head had said that instead of getting angry at someone in front of her,she should try getting to know that person first.
And so,after she had accepted his apology,Kevin had invited Katherine into his apartment for some coffee.
After they had walked into the apartment,Katherine had looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that she was in need of a warm shower.
Kevin had showed her where the bathroom was,he had gone to the linnen closet,took out a couple of towels and took back into the bathroom,where Katherine was already in the shower.
And after he had looked at his watch and realized that he's got something planned for tomorrow,Kevin had took off all of his clothes and stepped into the shower.
After he had done so,a startled Katherine had turned around and confronted an also bare Kevin.
But instead of screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs,she and Kevin had looked at each other and noticed what fantastic bodies they had.
And then,as the water had continued running from out of the shower faucet,both Kevin and Katherine had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
And after they were done with their shower,the two newfound lovers had gone into the bedroom,placed their bare bodies on the bed and started to enjoy an evening of pure,untamed erotica together.
Just then,the very next day,Kevin and Katherine had woke up,looked at each other and smiled,for what they discovered is true--opposites really do attract.
As for what Kevin had planned on that day,he had asked Katherine to go to the local basketball court and shoot a few hoops with him and some of his buddies from work.
A surprised Katherine had agreed,for she had no idea that Kevin was also into the same type of sports as she was.
And so,after they had stopped over at her place for her to get a fresh change of clothes,both Kevin and Katherine had gone to the basketball court,where his friends were waiting for him to show up.
And after he had introduced her to his work buddies,the game had gotten underway.
But during the course of the game,some loud mouthed lout had spotted Katherine playing B-ball with Kevin and his friends and began yelling out some sexist slurs.
So,she had walked over to the big mouthed slob and decked him one.
After she had done that,Kevin had took a deep breath,smiled and said,"Now,that's my kind of woman."