She hands you a key. A thick, heavy dark silver key, etched with ancient symbols. Rubies encrusted within the handle. "Ask no questions." She tells you. You heed her words. She looks like an angel to you. Her soft white hair falls neatly around her shoulders, curling at the tips ever so slightly. Her silver eyes bring warmth to your heart, telling you to be calm. Her posture, however, as well as she holds herself, she holds many pains from the past. None to which she'll speak of. "Go, my child." She speaks again, her angelic voice flows through your head, subtly taking over your mind. You are at her whim. The key rests light in your hand, as heavy as it may appear. A power to it, a power you must unlock. The hallway you stand in is dimly lit, a torch on either side of the wall repeats its pattern, till it falls into the nothingness of the shadows. You begin to speak, to form a sentence. Her finger grazes your lips, telling you not to speak. Her eyes tell you to venture forward. No other choice do you have. Key in hand, bravery in soul, courage in heart. You set out. To begin, what could possibly be the beginning of the end….