A/N:  This was written two years ago when my Grandmother died.  It's from my Grandfather's viewpoint.  Sadly he too passed away just one year ago, before I could share this story with him.  Please read and review.

There I stood looking down at the place where your body rests.  In front of me your headstone stares at me saying, "Beloved wife, Mother, and Grandmother," on its hard cold surface.  I know if I take one step forward the ground will still be soft, not yet hard over your coffin.

            It seems like yesterday I pledged myself to you or just minuets ago our daughter was born.  Then in cruel seconds you died in my arms as tears ran down my face.  Your last words to me were not words of love but, "I can't feel my legs," than you died.  How could you just leave me there?

            I close my eyes and let the images flow through me.  The paramedics working on you while you lay on our cold kitchen floor not moving.  Staring at you as your body is covered in a stiff white sheet.  With my daughter I await the mortician to arrive all the while never taking my eyes off of your form, so still. 

            Praying for some sign of life I remember saying silently, "God, woman why couldn't you just breathe, just one tiny breath."  Just to say hey I'm alive, don't give up on me.  But you didn't and now you're gone and I'm confused.

            I'm confused because what do you say to a grave that holds your other half?  The missing peace of me, you're the one who made me who I am.  Damn you!  Damn you for leaving me like this.  A life without you isn't how it was supposed to happen.

            The wind picks up and I hear it rustling the trees and I look up to the clouds as a fine little drizzle comes down.  Than it hits me as I imagine your face above.  Your not there in the grounds, you are here with me, beside me, and are living through my memories of us. 

            I walk around your body to your headstone.  With love I kiss your tombstone and I say to you, "I won't be back, there is no reason.  Remember I will always love you no matter what.  For now I have a life to live and when I return it will be to lie next to your body and our souls will be together."  With my head up, I walk back to my car not looking back.