"Yo! Charlie!"

"Hey!" I said, with absolutely no enthusiasm, watching the blonde bounce up the hallway. She finally showed her face to me after she blows me off the hundred times for her boyfriend, Barley. I was very annoyed wit her. Some best friend she was.

"So what's up?" Tessa asked, obviously oblivious to my anger.

"Just thinking."


"Who do you think I'm thinking about?" I asked sarcastically. Ignoring what I should have said. Why should I tell you?

"Um…a guy?" She suggested perking up. I think she saw Barley coming down the hall.

"Oy vey." I muttered, making her snort.

"I know you like him and all but I doubt he even knows you're alive."

"Thanks for the support." I spoke unaware of the sarcasm in my voice.

She smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes and it wasn't sincere. It made me wonder, was there something she was hiding from me? Even though she didn't say, I knew she was jealous. I don't know what of because there's nothing about me to be jealous of. I'm a short 5'2½ " and 14 years old with long curly brown hair and dark green eyes. I don't think I'm very attractive.

 I have outside interests in dance and sports. I'm pretty athletic unlike her.

I could be mistaken, but this guy…he looks at me with eyes full of emotion. His eyes tell me everything I need to know. I've liked the guy for almost 4 years now! I know he probably doesn't care what I think about him but I care for him deeply. More deeper than I'm admitting. If you're thinking this is some schoolgirl crush, you're way, way wrong.

He's very attractive. He has mesmerizing brown eyes and brown hair. He stands a good 5 inches taller than me and he is also very athletic. He plays soccer for his high school, JV and Varsity. And he's extremely smart.

***Flashback to the day earlier***

As I walked home that afternoon from high school, I remembered the way he looked at me before he walked the opposite direction. He actually looked sad.

Then, I heard footsteps and a huge gust of wind, which smelled like cologne, by my side.

"Hey!" He smiled, showing off his straight white teeth.

"Uh…Hi." I spoke. He'll never know you're nervous. You're not nervous! You're just shaking. Stop shaking!

Somehow we got to my front door. He looked me in the eyes and they were pleading with me.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. "I've like you for years but I just worked up the nerve to ask you now."

I was shocked. I began stuttering and I guess he took that as a no. He began walking away.

"Quentin!" I shouted and smiled when he turned. "I will."

***End of flashback***


"What are you are smiling at?" Tessa asked me not even bothering to hear my answer, she saw Barley and began running the opposite direction.

"Nothing." I whispered, more so to my self than anyone.  I began walking towards homeroom, leaving Tessa to either go with Barley or to go with Barley. I was not gonna put up with whatever she called a friendship.

She would never get the satisfaction of knowing my secret. I smiled to myself as I dodged the people in the hallway, now since I had Quentin; I had a reason to ditch her.