A/n: This is for Jen my mommy

I looked out the window and saw pitch black, I shut off my CD player and heard the sounds of crickets in summer air and I saw you across the street, I looked into your window and saw you reading a book on your bed facing the window, and at that moment, I knew I was in love with you.

I sat back in my chair and watched you undress yourself admiring your beautiful pale body the way you move so slowly, softly touching your body just the way you act towards everything makes me fall in love with you, when you finished and crawled in your bed drifting off to sleep I shut out my light and crawled into my bed hoping one day you and everything about you will be mine.

That night I dreamed of you and only you, I dreamed of us together in a great relationship and we loved each other so much and we were never apart, and in my dream I realized that I love you more then anything else in my life, I love you, I need you more then anything please be with me.

I woke up that morning, my Mom touching my face telling me to get up, I pulled on a black plain tee shirt and black shorts and I pulled on my vans I spiked my hair and put my eye shadow on and went down stairs with my skateboard.

I ate 2 or 3 bowls of cereal and went out you were there sitting on the porch, you were a new kid to the neighbor hood and I loved you already, YOU already were my everything. I went up to you and said

"Hi Im Craig what's your name?"
and you replied
I smiled and your shyness and shook your hand, I noticed you were wearing a gay pride key chaining knowing my sexuality and that I wanted you I question you.
"Are you gay?" i asked shyly
Joshua nodded slowly and replied.
"I've known for 3 years" and then he questioned me "Are you?"
"Yes, I replied I have known for a while now"
he sighed in relief and smiled don't know why but he just did.
I smiled also.
"Hey do you want to go to the skate park?"
he agreed and then I left to go skate with my true love.