A/n: This is the first chapter in a long time, im sorry it took so long, writers block plus i was going threw alot.

Dear Diary,

I've neglected you and I'm sorry. Annabelle got married to her girlfriend now wife Jackie, It was a beautiful wedding and I know Craig would of loved to be there, I would of loved for Craig to still be alive and see his little girl grow up and get married, I want to hold Craig, I wish he was still alive so I could tell him how sorry I'am. Annabelle is pregant she picked a sperm donar and got injected with sperm, I cant wait im going to be a grandfather....Once again I just wish craig was alive so I could kiss him one last time, So I could make love to him one last time, but obviously that isnt going to happen.

Alix left me along time ago, I was depressed Yea I mean I loved the guy but, he brought me alot of pain and realization about how much I missed craig.

Im tired Im going to go to bed.

More tommorrow maybe?