No Way

By Carter Tachikawa

This is a repost. It was called No, Thanks but I took it down to work on it more. Yes, it's an angry poem. I feel like writing angry stuff every now and then. This was just my retort back to people who said I was wrong for writing the way I do. (It wasn't anyone here at FPN though. I'm talking about people outside of that) Yes, it's another one of my herky-jerky, no rhythm whatsoever poems. I am infamous for those. Don't like it? Go bother someone else.

* * *

Being a shadow in an empty case
Seems more appealing than just being the case
At least in the shadows, no one can see
The wonders I concoct as I sit and ponder in darkness

Tore the rule book in half, spat on flowery descriptions
Okay for those who wish to follow it
And I do not mind if they do
But the world begs that *I* stick to what's in the book
"No more bouncy meters, no more bad flowing poetry
Burn the foundation you built your imagination
Start from the bottom and work your way up again
We have no need for you, who can't stay still or straight
So do us a favor and follow the rules this time."

My response...
"No way"

My thoughts soar through the air
Scattering across the pages to tell me a story
No need to overfill the sheet with pretty words
Simple and straight, honest and expressive
That's the way I thought people liked it
I guess I was wrong

Everyone who used to love me
Chose to hate me now
But I can't help the way I think
I let the scribbles do the talking
Let the pen turn me inside out

'Cause broken pieces are what I prefer
Floating and bouncing and spinning around
Losing myself in the mess I've created out of words
Forgetting who I am in the ocean of feelings
Confused, happy, angry, and grieving for someone I don't know
And I love it. Oh, I love it.

Use those words to let everyone know what I went through
I lost my way down on the roads of creativity
Still don't know what to leave in, what to leave out
And when I *do* make the choice, it doesn't satisfy the world
Take what I worked hard to make and set it on fire
Leave it under my feet and watch me burn up
Saying they'll save me if I choose to surrender
They'll bring water if I start following the laws again
To their surprise, I stay inside the flames, my face cold
And my response to thanks

Now the laws aren't hurting me.
I only wish to divert and change them a bit, a tiny bit
There's nothing wrong with that, is there?
Fantasy never had rules before. Imagination is limitless.
There's no correct way to express oneself
But I guess the narrow-minded world has yet to learn that
The blind world does not know that

Scold me, slap me, stab me, slash me
I will not change the way I am
Torture me, tear me, tip me over, trample on my pages
I will not change the way I am

"Burn the foundation you built your imagination on.
We'll bring the water if you start following the laws again."
They say time and time again

But to their surprise, I stay inside my shadow
I burn within the flames, my face cold
And my response to them...
"No way"

Copyright 2002-2003: Carter Tachikawa
* * *

Poetry has no bounds or limits. There is no right way to write anything. That's the lesson for today, brothers and sisters. Remember it.

Feel free to comment but no flames. You don't have to like it but give me a reason why. (Make it a good reason, not because I left out a comma...which is what I was flamed for the last time).

Til next time,