Emerald Desires
Disclaimer: I own all of the characters in my stories. I don't own any brand names I might use.

Audra's hand was splayed over her very round stomach. She was cold, wet, and weepy. The last few months of her pregnancy were really getting to her. She was standing outside of her apartment building waiting on her friend, Amana, to pick her up. They were going to get lunch and go shopping for the baby. Audra's long, think, wavy, beautiful black hair was pulled back in a ponytail so as not to get in her way in the rain. Her creamy complexion seemed even paler because of all the stress she'd been under lately. Today had been her first free day for at least three weeks. Her full, soft, pink lips were in a pout of annoyance at her friend's chronic lateness. Her bright, emerald green eyes were still slightly moist from her last bout of tears. ~ ~ ~ ~

Suddenly a splash of water hit her in the legs as Amana skidded up beside the curb. Audra sighed as she opened the door and plopped her slight 5'3, 125 lb body into Amana's tan Mercedes. "Sorry I'm late," Amana apologized, "Cute outfit!" Audra glanced down at the baby blue pants and pastel pink top she was wearing. Her eyes lingered on the large bump that was her stomach. And her baby, she reminded herself. "It doesn't feel very cute right now," she complained. "Aww, you're just self conscious. Really, pregnancy seems to make you look even better." Audra glanced at her best friend, who was almost the opposite of her. Amana had short, dirty blond hair and brown eyes. Her skin was of an olive complexion and she always wore pretty makeup and neat little outfits where Audra found it difficult to fix her hair and put on jeans and a maternity shirt much less spend time on makeup and designer clothes. She finally resigned herself to just staring out of the window, watching the familiar buildings and shops flying by.