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"Aiden we're late." I yelled from the door. "We have five minutes to get across the city."

"So I'll drive fast," Aiden answered. He came out of the shower in a towel. And all my annoyance melted away. This was love, to just see a person and have all your problems be gone.

I walked over to him. Kissing him forcefully. "You're cute, now get dressed, we have to get going."

"Alright, two minutes." He kissed me again, and walked towards the closet. I watched him as he got dressed. He really was perfect. If I knew how to draw, I'd have filled the house with his portrait. "Enjoying the view?" Asked Aiden snapping me out of my reverie.

I grinned, "yeah. Now put on a shirt and lets go."

Aiden slipped a black polo shirt over his head and grabbed my hand, "Ok ready."

I dragged Aiden into Swan Bridal Counseling.

"Can I help you?" The receptionist asked over her half moon glasses.

"Yes, we have an appointment with Elizabeth White. We're a little late," I answered with an apologetic smile.

"Oh yes, right through those doors," The receptionist pointed towards two large double doors.

I muttered a hasty thank you before rushing through the doors. A short blond woman sat dressed in a baby blue suit. Her hair was tied up in an elegant bun. Next to her was standing a tall man. His hair was bleach blond and hung around his shoulders. His smile was relaxed and the only words I could find to describe him were 'surfer.'

The woman stood up. "Hi, I'm Elizabeth, but just call me Liz. This is my brother Dustin, he just helps me coordinate things. I couldn't take my eyes off of Dustin.. His carefree attitude, and his eyes, they were this sort of dark green, speckled with gold. His broad shoulders were shown off by a loose fitting sleeveless navy blue top. But there was something else about him. I just wanted to know him, know who he was.

"Taylor, you in there?" Aiden tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hmm, what yeah, I'm here," I answered, looking up at Aiden. I leaned against him, god I was lucky.

"So as I was saying." Liz began. We need to talk dates first, so any ideas?" Liz gave a warm smile.

Aiden glanced at me, "August 15th." I said confidently.

"Sounds nice, so since it's a summer wedding might I recommend an outdoor ceremony?"

"Sounds lovely." I answered.

"Sure."Aiden nodded.

"So reception, is it a luncheon or an evening thing?" Liz continued without taking a breath.

"Oh, evening." Aiden answered.

"Right, well then, and is that indoors our out? Which do you prefer?" She was saying all this very quickly and my head was spinning.

"Hold up there Lizzy, let them breath." Dusting laughed. "You'll have to excuse my sister, she never thinks there's a second to waste. She wants to get the logistics down so that she can start dragging you to every single-"

"Alright there Dustin," Liz cut him off. "Excuse him, he never got past kindergarten when it comes to manners.

I laughed, "It's no problem. And we'd like an outdoor reception."

"Ok." Liz nodded. "Now that we have that down. Let me show you some pictures." She pulled out a large photo album. "Now here we have the Aubrey Vineyards, they're beautiful and they have their own caterers."

"Oh, no vineyards please, they're overdone." I interrupted.

"Ok, in that case, let's switch phot albums." Liz put grabbed another heavy album and flipped it open. "This is Shimmer gardens, they have a beautiful rose collection and a lovely pond."

"No," Aiden shook his head.

"Ok, then we have the Merrian Country Club, they have a beautiful gardens with a stunning view onto the ocean. They have their own catering service too."

"No, do you have anything that looks like it's out of a fairytale?" I asked. "You know, something with a sort of magical feel."

"Yes, I do," Liz flipped through the album, stopping on a page titled Argent Lake. It was perfect, there was a large lake, that seemed to shine with a magical glow. The surrounding lawns were perfectly green, a marble walkway extended from the lake and to the gardens that were shown on the opposite page. A large clearing was surrounded by rose bushes and fountains.

"That's it, don't you agree Aiden?"

"It's perfect," He answered.

"Alright, well, I'll call them and book a date, and once that's been done we can continue with everything else." Liz said.

"It's been a pleasure meeting you," I said shaking Liz's hand.

"Thank you, we'll be in touch," Said Liz as we walked out of the room.

"Well that went well." Aiden commented, taking my hand into his.

"Yes it did," My cell phone started ringing. "Hello?" I asked.

"Taylor, where are you? I thought you were coming over for lunch today?" I was greeted by the annoyed voice of my mother.

"Caught in traffic Mom, we'll be there in half an hour," I cursed silently, I had completely forgotten, "And I've got news for you Mom." I added after a moment. Aiden shook his head and groaned.

"Taylor-" He began, but I placed a hand over his mouth.

"Ok, I'll see you soon honey." My mother hung up the phone and I clicked my cell phone off.

"Taylor, we're telling them today?" Aiden asked, as we got into the car.

"Well, they are paying," I pointed out.

Aiden groaned, "You know I love your mother, but she can be a bit...."

"Meddlesome?" I finished for him.

"Yes, slow down Taylor, you're going to hit something," said Aiden as I sped down the street in a hurry to make it to my parents house in half an hour.

"Well, I know how to handle her, besides she loves you, you have nothing to worry about."

"You'll be eating your words in an hour," Aiden mumbled, and he proved to be right.

"You two are what?" My father asked, dropping his fork on the table.

"Getting married Daddy," I answered.

"Oh hush Rick, it's wonderful that they're getting married," My mother answered, getting up from the table to give Aiden a hug. "Congratulations, welcome to the family." She sat back down. "Now, Taylor, we have to talk about plans, I was thinking maybe a fall wedding."

"Actually mother, we wanted it to be in August," I said cautiously.

"But Taylor, it's going to be impossible hot, and you have to have it at the Four Seasons, they have a beautiful ballroom."

"Mom, we already have a place, we're having it at Argent Lake."

"Outdoors? But honey, what if it rains?" My mother argued.

"That's why we're having it in summer, so that we wont have to worry about that," I pointed out.

Aiden gave me a look that clearly said: 'I told you so.'

"Rachel," Aiden started, "It's Taylor's wedding, she should get to decide the details."

"Yes of course, but really honey, people are going to expect you to have a wedding at a certain place, and outdoors isn't what they'll be expecting." My mother continued.

"Mom, I'm having an outdoor wedding in August, end of story. Now please, let me have the wedding I want to have, and I think everyone's done with the main course, maybe we should start on desert." I said eager to move the conversation onto a different topic before bloodshed began.

"Yes, that's a wonderful idea," My father spoke up, "In fact, I'll go get it." He stood up, and went into the kitchen." My mother followed him.

I dropped my head onto Aiden's shoulder. "Why are you always right?"

"Cause I'm smart like that." Aiden picking my head up off of his shoulder, he held my face between his hands, searching my eyes with his. "Relax, we're gonna get married, and you're going to have your dream wedding. So don't worry, we're going to have the most amazing wedding ever, and then we're going to live happily ever after." He leaned forwards to give me a comforting kiss and suddenly all my doubts were gone.