A Light Rekindled

The light of love, once it is lit,
Continues to shine on
Even once the light of life
Within us all has gone.

Though death and grief would strive to steal
This light which we still hold,
We shan't forgot the joy we shared
With one we used to hold.

We celebrate the life of Journee,
Whose time on Earth was short,
Yet those whose lives she entered into
Have much joy to report.

A light her own she will rekindle
In her home among the stars,
And shine her light for all who see,
However near or far.

A family who now mourns her loss
Will look up to the sky,
And see this light, which says to them
"God's with me - please don't cry."

Your Journee, princess, now is through,
And though we miss you so,
Your light rekindled within us all
Emits so warm a glow.

In memory of
Journee Paige South (6/20/99 - 3/10/03)
Your light shines on