First of all . . .

Thanks to BejeweledAngel, AlmaSong_20, ParadiseWaits, SinnAminnDreamZ & Necrophilia from for all their idea help, and to all the kiwis and friends who wrote up character profiles for me to use. This story wouldn't possibly be half of what it is without all of the help ^.^

Secondly . . .

This is the 3rd rewrite of Roar. The first re-write was called "The Dying Breed". Both of those were posted under my old s/n of Phil_Core. The 2nd can also be found on kiwibox under Archaic_Raven and of course here as well.

This story is also posted on, under the s/n of Archaic_Raven in the journal of "Roar!!! –an original modern teen story". I owe no one but the persons who sent me character profiles and the helpers I have already listed above. Other than that, I am the one who bares sole responsibility for this story. So yeah: IT"S MINE!!! Mwahahahahahaha… ok, I'll shut up now.

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