::Episode Two ~ Anarchy From the UK::

The Next Morning, at 100 Larking Road . . .

Aurora awoke to the sound of classic rock streaming from the radio alarm. Her lilac bedroom walls looked slightly darker when the lights were off and the morning sun was glinting through the curtains into her room. Stretching out a bit, she wiggled her toes when she was done. She then turned her head to face the alarm clock that sat upon the night table beside her bed, playing out the song "American Pie" by Don McLean. Mouthing the words to the song, she glanced away from the digital numbers and up to the ceiling. She still had about an hour before she had to be ready for school, so it was okay if she lingered under the comfortable sheets for a little bit longer. Letting her thoughts drift, she studied the poster of PanterA she'd placed on her ceiling just above her head. Nothing important was forthcoming from this activity, but still she kept her eyes upon the faces of the men whom made up her favorite band.

A few more minutes went by, but the calm silence would soon be interrupted by the growl of her empty tummy. Breakfast time, she thought as she sat up and threw her sheets off. I hope Mama has bacon cooking . . . Seconds later, Roar was in the hallway and heading for the kitchen with the smell of bacon and toast wafting threw the air to greet her. Thankfully, these desirable smells were not accompanied by the stink of eggs. That scent would have made her lose her appetite in the blink of an eye, and she would have headed right back down the hall to the bathroom that was adjacent to her room to begin her quick morning shower. That had been the case the prior morning, and – much to her mother's chagrin - she'd settled with a Pepsi and a bag of chips as her breakfast when she'd gotten to school.

Flying into the kitchen, she kissed her mother's cheek and told her dad good morning, then got down a plate from the wall cabinets. Not bothering to sit down at the table with her father, who was already half way through his own plate; she grabbed several slices of bacon, a few pieces of toast, plopped them on her plate and was then out of the kitchen in a whirlwind. Nothing unusual to her parent's eyes, highly annoying to them though it was. When she got to her bedroom, she noticed she'd forgotten to get something to drink. She put her plate down on the bed, then made a mad dash back to the kitchen. Her mother was waiting for her at the door, a steaming cup of freshly made green tea in her hands.

"Don't run with this, baby." She commanded her daughter.

"You know I won't. Thanks mama." Roar smiled, taking the teacup and heading back to her room.

"Chill out a bit, okay? You've got time." Her mother called after her in reminder.

"Not if I'm gonna do my makeup right!" With that, Aurora disappeared into her bedroom door, leaving her mother to shake her head and go back into the kitchen.

When Aurora once more emerged from her room, she was ready for school. Well fed, clean and dressed in a pair of burgundy corduroy pants and a black t-shirt with a little man in a straight jacket beneath red lettering that read: 'Some mornings, it just isn't worth chewing through the leather straps.' She'd also been able to do her makeup with some time to spare when she was finished, saving her from having to apply it in the hallway while she was waiting for her first class to start. Heading for the front door, she made a detour into the living room and picked her bookbag up from the sofa where she'd left it when she'd finished her homework the night before. That's where her mother was at the moment, and that's when she spotted the spiked, black leather collar Aurora was wearing. It was the only one her mother really hated, due to the fact that it had several overlapping chains laced along the bottom of it.

"Do you have to wear that thing?"

"Mama, really – it's just another collar." Roar protested, rolling her eyes at her in exasperation.

"It's so subservient though." The same argument, always the same. "Can't you wear that pretty black velvet one with the red gems on it? It'd match, you know."

"I don't have time to change it. Besides, I don't wear this one that much."

"Thank God for that." Her mother grumbled.

"Mama!" Roar's annoyance was growing. " It's my neck, isn't it? And my collar?"

"They are. I know. I just don't like that dog collar, but yes . . . yes. Wear it, you have the right to." Her mother threw up her hands in defeat. "But, if you want to keep your neck and your collar with it, I'd suggest you get on your way before your Daddy comes in here and sees you with that thing on."

"Yes, Mama. Thank you. I'll see ya when I get home." Roar hugged her goodbye. Her mother returned the hug, and Roar was then on her way out the front door. She was hoping to get well on her way before her Father left for the day.

As she went, she met Griffin down the road. He had his Dad's truck that day, so he stopped along the side of the street to give Roar a lift. A lifesaver, in Roar's opinion – her Dad was going down the road as she climbed in the truck's passenger's seat. He honked the horn at them and continued on, nearly late for work already. However, had he seen the collar, he would have stopped . . .

"That was close, but he didn't see the thing." Roar sighed as Griffin began once more to drive. "Thanks man."

"Ah, it's always good to be the knight in shinning junk bucket." He smiled in return. Griffin saw the collar then. "Your mom actually let you out of the house with that this time?"


"No wonder you were hoping your dad didn't see it, he would've skinned you alive."

"Griffin, you are, as always, the master of the obvious." Aurora stated snidely, dry humor returning to her after her near scare.

"That's my girl." Griffin smiled again, turning the truck down the street that would lead them to their school. After that, they spoke no more for their little trip. The classic rock radio station was the only thing saving them from the otherwise complete and tense silence.


Not so long afterwards . . .

Roar and Griffin found themselves in the familiar hallways of their school, walking towards the place where they and their group of friends usually met in the mornings. The silence still hung around the pair, the tension growing higher by the second. It wasn't a bad vibe, really . . . just a bit of apprehension mixed with anticipation and excitement. Fate was smiling before them, and they both could feel it – though one of them would bring it to the other first, and knew what was as yet unspoken. Griffin had plans for that day, obviously . . . but he didn't think it was time yet. He took a glance at Roar, who was letting her own eyes scan her schedule. A smile flickered over his face at this little quirk she had. It took the girl forever to remember what classes she had and when. Where was easy enough for them all, since the school wasn't all that large. Looking up, he saw one of their friends coming their way.

Trinity Rameriz, the youngest of their coterie, was just a little taller than Roar. Dressed in all black by way of a lacey black shirt and a vinyl pair of pants with matching boots - she wore a silver collar as her only jewelry. She was slim and somewhat curvy. Trinity had flawless, tawny skin that shimmered with just a touch of glitter that morning.

At the moment, she wasn't looking too pleased. Walking very quickly, her shoulders taut and her eyes narrowed, she passed them by without a glance.

"Don't say hi then, Trinity." Roar had stopped, turned and called after their friend. The girl turned around and came back to them, her face no longer half as angry as it had been.

"Sorry." Trinity told her, then nodded towards Griffin in likewise apology as he joined them.

"So, what's the rush?" He questioned.

"Got called to the Principal's office again." Trinity shrugged, and then her voice grew annoyed. "Goddess knows what for this time."

"You haven't done anything lately to get called up though." Roar stated, looking concerned. This wasn't a good sign at all in her opinion.

"I know," Trinity told them, catching the look on Roar's face, "but I'm sure somebody has found a way to blame me for something or other. I saw Caitlin going to the office about ten minutes ago."

"Her goal in life isn't to destroy your high school career." Griffin pointed out.

"Really could have fooled me." Trinity rolled her eyes. She looked towards Aurora, who was nodding then.

"I was going to say . . ." Roar sighed, having come to the same conclusion as their younger friend.

"Well then why?" He looked a bit puzzled. "I mean, I know y'all got into a fight with her back in middle school and then she turned stupid, stopped hanging with us and started acting like her shit doesn't stink . . ." He shook his head, looking perplexed at how long the anger had lasted in the girl. "I mean, Caitlin can't hold a grudge that long, can she? Besides, I thought she was 'beyond us' now or some such bullshit?"

"Caitlin doesn't work that way, say what she will." Trinity told him.

"Remember, girls don't let things go so easily as guys do. And well . . . like Trinity said . . .she's Caitlin. You remember how she was back in the day – like, when we weren't all 'beneath her'."

"Well," Griffin thought about it for a moment, remembering all of the vengeful crap Caitlin had done when they were younger and she had been someone who they had all called friend, "you do have a point there. She was pretty cold and hateful to anyone who even looked at her the wrong way."

Just then, a voice sounded over the intercom, calling Trinity to the office once more. She grimaced, then sighed.

"We'll see ya in lunch, sweetie." Roar told her, putting a hand on her should to comfort her. "Go on, you don't want to make it worse for yourself."

"Yeah, I'm sure Caitlin has cooked up something really rotten this time. And whatever it is, they'll believe it . . . 'cause she's Caitlin Long, Sophomore Class President and I'm Trinity Rameriz, the Freshman and Holy Terror of the Whole School."

"I like the ring of the holy terror better than class pres." Griffin smiled, trying to cheer her up. Trinity smiled at him in thanks, but the smile still did not reach her eyes, as it usually would have.

"It's cool sometimes, but not now." She then waved to them, turned around and was on her way once again.


Already in the Office . . .

Damian sat waiting for his guide for the tour of the school before class began for the day. With the way things were looking, he'd be flying blind for the first day here if the girl they'd called down to show him around didn't appear soon. Just as he was thinking this, a girl about a year younger than himself came into the office. The secretary, behind her desk, looked up at the newcomer with some exasperation.

"Trinity, this is the seventh time since school started . . . and this is only the fifth day back! What can you be getting yourself into?" The woman looked stern, very concerned and obviously sad.

"Sorry, Aunt Elsie." The girl replied, hanging her head and sighing. Then, she looked up at the woman with a little defiance. "The thing is though, I have no clue what I did this time." As she finished her sentence, a graying man in a crisp suit joined them.

"Miss Rameriz, please go back to my office. I'll be joining you in just a moment." His smile was small, and he was clearly displeased with her. As she walked back towards where she had been directed to go, the Principal looked to her aunt. "Miss Long isn't back yet?"

"No, not yet sir." Elsie Andrews replied, looking down at her paper work in annoyance. It was beginning to add up then, and she was convinced that her niece had committed, if anything, a small offence. And Caitlin Long had blown it out of proportion – again. She should have realized it when the girl had asked for the Principal after she'd been told that she was going to be the guide for a new student's first day.

"Odd." The man pointed out. Then he looked towards Damian and they both ignored the door as it opened to admit another person. "Mr. Reeve, if you'd like – I can show you around."

"Oh, but I'm here now!" A perky voice chimed, drawing their attention. The newcomer was a very pretty girl, who was around the same age as Damian. She had shoulder length blond hair and deep set, dull green eyes. Her clothing was a powder blue baby tee matched with white capris. He didn't bother to look at her shoes. The girl was model slim, tall and sickeningly perfect.

Frightening, Damian thought, looking at her and trying to politely hide his disgust. He wished that Miss Rameriz had been his guide instead. From the look that Miss Long gave him, he could tell that she was thinking along the same lines.

"Good! Then, by all means . . . Mr. Reeve, I hope you find Miss Long as delightful as we all do, and that you soon feel at home in our town, as well as this school." The Principal's eyes went to Caitlin then. "Miss Long, will you report back here after you've finished the tour? We can then continue our previous discussion with the third party we didn't have at the time."

"Yes, Mr. Jeff, I'd be glad to." She smiled. Then, Caitlin turned to the young man who was still lounging on the office's waiting couch. Even Caitlin had to admit that the new student was handsome – even if she saw him as somewhat scary. He had broad shoulders, and though he was thin, he was also very toned. Even sitting, he had a natural grace, which was unnerving. Even more unnerving was the fact that he was looking at her with a mischievous smirk on his feline-like face, and that smirk was non-too friendly in her opinion. His labret was pierced with a silver spike, and a black collar hung in the middle with a silver hoop circled his neck. Straight, long black hair was worn down to touch his shoulders, and his brilliant blue eyes were watching her with what she knew was already forming dislike. Dressed in a black fishnet shirt that showed off his great muscle tone, black vinyl pants, and a pair of black boots that looked like they'd be handy in a fight; he didn't look like someone she'd get along with either. Great, more trash to deal with, she thought to herself while summoning a smile.


Meanwhile, a little ways down the main hall . . .

"He's here!" Nerri exclaimed, going directly to Roar, whom she was talking to. She was just joining the collection of their friends that had assembled in the usual place around the cafeteria doors.

"Can you be specific?" Roar questioned, hugging her excited friend hello.

"Him! The guy from yesterday, you know – the one who watched you out of the window!?" Nerri was nearly dancing then, causing a few looks of concern here and there. Dancing was very un-Nerri like behavior. Griffin, who was of course nearby, overheard the conversation.

"Not this again." He sighed. Roar was ready to agree, but she kept herself silent as Nerri continued and ignored Griffin.

"He's in the office right now, you have to come and see! He is so hot, you won't believe it!" By then, Nerri had the attention of some of the other girls they hung out with as well. After all, there weren't many guys in their school to gawk over in their collective opinion. Yeah sure, Bright and Griffin were right there beside them, but they saw them everyday . . . it wasn't the same.

"Was Trinity in there?" Griffin questioned, trying to turn the subject around.

"As always, but she was walking back to the Principal's . . .again, as always" she looked back to Roar, " but that isn't the thing! That dude was in there! He's here, in our school! We're going to have a hot guy in our school!"

"Hey, I resent that." Griffin stated. A few of the other guys around him agreed. Bright, who'd been listening in, only laughed and rolled his eyes at them all.

"Shut up, y'all always drool all over new girls. So, why don't you all just blow it out of your . . ." Nerri began, but she was then cut off by another of their female friends.

"Is that him?" It was a girl named Zola who pointed him out. Nerri nodded, and the girls gawked. The guy was hot, as hot as Nerri had told them. In silence, they watched as he went by while the guys grumbled about something none of the girls heard. Even Roar was in a sort of trance as he went by. As for the new guy, he was walking with Caitlin Long - looking like he would rip her to shreds if given the chance. Caitlin looked like she wasn't enjoying herself either.

And then he was gone from their sight, down the hall on what had to be the tour of the school all new students were given by their class president. The girls came out of the reverent silence and began to chatter all at once. Only Roar stayed silent on the subject. Nerri, on the other hand, was going into chants of 'I told ya so.' To their side, Griffin was watching Roar with some jealousy, though he'd never admit it at the time. After all, she wasn't his girlfriend . . . well, not as yet anyway. But he knew one thing; the time to change that was drawing very near . . .