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The Penguins' "Earth Angel" floated through his head, as did the day's events. Dancing with Elizabeth to this song and then to the Crests' new hit "Sixteen Candles." It was her sixteenth birthday, and he planned on making it special. He was going to propose to her, but he never got the chance.

The couple had grabbed a bite at the Burger Hop and had set out in his Deuce to go dancing. Elizabeth was pretty and quite popular because her family had a television set. She was looking great tonight, and he had told her so. She had on a red and white peppermint top and a blue pleated skirt. Her ruby lips matched her fingernails, and now her blood.

The two had been driving alongside a steep ravine which they had passed before. They were crossing the intersection, without another soul in sight. He didn't even see the other car until it was too late. The impact was tremendous, he remembered.

The other car rushed at them from the left, crashing into the driver's side. His side. That had sent them spinning out of control towards the ravine. The weak barrier gave no protection as they crashed through it, letting them tumble down the gorge.

It seemed as though they had been falling for an eternity when finally they crashed nose first on the rocky bottom. The car stood there straight up for a couple more seconds and then fell over upside down.

And now he was in a daze, and she was unconscious. "So much blood," he thought as he looked at Elizabeth then at himself. The girl stirred and opened her eyes.

"Nicholas. . ." she whispered. With great pain, he lifted his hand and placed it over hers. She squeezed his hand weakly, and he felt the grip on his hand loosen. Her eyes glazed over and stared lifelessly at him.

"Elizabeth! No, please. . ." he murmured, hot tears stinging his eyes. For the first time since the crash, he realized that his back hurt unbearably. It hurt to move, it hurt to breathe.

He looked at Elizabeth's lifeless body, avoiding her eyes. So empty, and almost. . . accusing. Rage boiled in him. He wanted to scream, to curse the name that ruined their future.

Nicholas reached into his pocket and extracted a little black box. With shaking fingers, he pulled out a gold ring. He fingered the engraving, a painful sob escaping his throat. "Always and forever." Under that were their initials, EN.

He looked up and saw the broken passenger window and the malevolent stars that were fading fast. With his remaining strength he hurled the ring out into the night, crying out from pain and angst.

He took a last shuddering breath and closed his eyes, knowing that before long he would be with Elizabeth again.