Through the eyes of a cat

Summary: A girl named Cat has amazing eyes just like a cat, but her eyes aren't the only amazing thing about her. Many people come after her wanting to know her secrets.

By: Peach


Cat was forever being made fun of because of her name. Her parents named her Cat because in the daylight her eyes were normal green, but at night they looked like cat eyes. Cat didn't care what the other kids say about her name she likes it.

One night when she was seven, she was in the kitchen eating a chocolate chip cookie like she does every night when her parents are sleeping, then she heard a cry. She turned her head to the direction the cry was coming from. Then she walked to the window with curiosity. She could make out the sound, but not very good. It could be coming from a kid anywhere from one to eight years old, she guessed. She ran out of the house not thinking what she was doing.

'How can I find the kid when it's this dark?' thought the seven year old. Then like walking from a dark room to a light room, everything became visible. Not like day more like night vision. This scared Cat, she could see in the dark. The she heard the cry again, but this time real well. Cat ran into the forest, with her new night vision. Then like what seemed like hours to Cat, she finally found the kid. It was a boy about six with dark brown hair. He was curled up in a ball crying.

"Are you okay?" Cat asked. She wasn't sure what to say to the crying kid. Then the boy's head shot up and he just looked at her with tearing eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked very softly, that she almost didn't catch it.

"I'm here to help" she said proudly "now get up". Cat helped the little boy up and they started back to Cats house. Then Cat realized she had no clue where she was. She had never gone this far into the woods before.

"You don't know where we are," the boy stated, this time much more loudly then what he had said before.

Then Cat saw a wolf in front of them. They both stopped instantly.

"I didn't know there were wolfs in this forest", he said to Cat very quietly so the wolf wouldn't hear.

"There isn't, that's what scares me," Cat said. She had lived here her whole life and never heard of wolfs living in the woods. The wolf looked Cat in the eyes and turned away. Cat got a weird feeling when the wolf looked at her.

"It wants us to follow it." She told him and started off after the wolf.

"Are you crazy! It's going to eat us", he cried but Cat didn't hear him, she was already heading after the wolf.

"Wait! Don't leave me", the boy yelled and ran after her and the wolf.

After only a little while of following the wolf they were back at Cat's house. The wolf turned, and faced the boy and Cat. Once again looked into Cat's eyes. Then the wolf turned and ran back into the forest.

"Thank you", Cat said silently as the wolf dashed into the woods.


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