When one first enters he passage, light at the far end is easily discernable - almost blinding. It shouldn't be a difficult journey to the far end, despite the enveloping darkness. What you don't realize - at least not yet - is that there is no oxygen in the tunnel. You will suffer. Your consciousness will wan, but the end is not so far off that it will be impossible to reach.

You press on, working your way through the tunnel. The light at the end is slowly fading. Despite the lack of oxygen you still feel alright.

By now you've reached the center of the tunnel. You feel dazed and slightly dizzy. You find a wall to lean on and rest briefly before ocntinuing, but it was a poor choice. Now your body is screaming for oxygen, your vision is dim and hazy, you're not convinced that you can make it.

You are left with a choice:run blindly through the darkness and suffocation of the tunnel and make a brilliant exitcontinue cautiosly and risk dying in the depths of the tunnel - alone and in pain.

The wise take the first option. They pull through okay, and collapse into the glorious daylight to rest before beginning again.

What if you are like me and you do not make the wise choice, but continue amidst pain, suffering, and hardship, against the odds, to the end?

Well, my friends, the fate destined for us has yet to be determined. Those who run and finish push we slow ones aside, knocking us down, battering us, shaking our resolve. Will we ever see the light of day again? Or will we merely become the next victims of cruel fate?

... i do not think i can escape ...

~The Dragonesse~
May 29, 2002