In the erractic illume cast forth from the minature inferno, he was utterly alone with the subject. Curvatious form lay manacled upon the stone slab before he, tanned epidermis scintillating with pinpoints of salinity. Taught canvas quivvered and trembled uselessly under his watch. Those eyes, wretched shade of amythest which refused to move from her form, seemed to force her to writhe and strain against the unyeilding bonds.

He lingered beyond the reach of the transient lambency, sheilded in tonals of grey and ebon'. Sardonic grin slowly diffused o'er his obscured visage. Those wretched eyes which caused the subject to squirm piteously made slow traverse 'cross every rise and fall of the feminine form trapped prone in the insipid cavern. Each fluctuation of her musculature encaptured within that gaze extracted another ounce of her her life force, replenishing his own diminishing longevity.

The tick of a single second seemed an eternity each to the subject. The roll of the hands into minutes stretched greulingly into hour durations until she yeilded utterly to the power which was exterminating her torturously, falling to immobility, rasping only the minutest intake of breath.

Twas then he chose to reveal his maniacal facade, stepping forth to meet the light. Slender fingers of unsullied ivory, trace a trifling line between tumulus breasts down the extent of her torso. Settling weight onto the slab's periphery, facade is leant with conspiratorial proximity towards the drained vix'. ""They say beauty and the beast is a tale of romance. The true story is far less palatable to the masses.." Orifice makes final descent, crushing 'gainst her own. Lithe tongue flickers into her cavern whilst saline streams bled from the prematurely aged visionaries of she.

Facade in retreat, those wretchedly violacious visionaries, made fist true acquaintance with her faded emeralds, boring through the last barrier to her intrinsic soul, siphoning it into his own entity with a mirthless cackle.