There are dreams
like thieves in the night
come to spirit away pieces of my heart

awakening memories thought long dead
buried to deep to resurface
yet these thieves
with cold faerie fingers hot as ice
lingering long after cups are drained
thirst quenched and lies lay plain
as daylight in the jungle leaves
and sun-drenched tundra with a hint of lemon

confusing? yes but order is for the single minded
and I? I like to keep the thieves on their feet,
I sleep, yes, but my eyes are open
red rimmed from seeing with out looking
yet knowing with out knowledge to blind my unclear vision
looking past the present to see the future whiz by
in a whirl wind of half thought thoughts and senseless idea
when sense is a luxury and we poor half witted geniuses
rule the world from red rimmed eyes
blind to the folly of the sensibly ignorant matters of the waking world
with only one small window in which we see true daylight filtering through the smog
close that window ? embrace the waking world? Hit the snooze button and float in that place in between
aah ....blissful ignorance?

The thieves approach and I leave my window open and walk away ,jewelry strewn across the sill