A/N- I was flipping through my mother's record collection one day and playing whatever struck my fancy…it woke up my Muse. ^_^

Untitled Tribute To Rock And Roll

By Azurepoet

i went on a groove pilgrimage

filling my head with devil music till my feet burned to dance

close my eyes and feel it in a place beyond pathos

and let mamas and the papas soaring harmonic sweet

body twisted to mop top yeah yeah yeah

 hendrix rocked me into elysian fields

miss american pie took my soul on an fervent euphoric roller coaster

my aura ignited with dream on power love song

flesh convoluting in the base beat of  wild thang

led zeppelin laid me down like i got the holy ghost

bob dylan cleaned my eyes of mendacity

everybody look what's going down

stayin alive got me struttin

michael got me up real cool

and then kurt stepped on stage

revolutionized a revolution

brown eyed girl wrung memories

my psyche absorbed all these phantasmagoric feelings

until i reached a zenith and burst into a thousand heavenly bodies

then i stopped and turned the tape over.