Dear Brother ,
Here I sit right now, watching the dark skies that cover the city. It's so beautiful . The wind after the rain is so cool , it stings my skin and makes my eyes cry . But it's peaceful. Look at theme , running , so preocuppied..... and I just sit here and watch the sky as I walk. I think people should take some time to rise their heads and eyes from the paved streets of this city and try to look up in the sky , at least once a year .

Watch the clouds disperse , or to see between their eyelashes the rain pouring down on theme. It's serene and beautiful. Peaceful , it fills my soul with warmth.
If you would of been here , maybe even with your sisters ( even tough I'd prefer you ) , I'd hold your hand and we would of started to run in the rain . You would of probably smile , or laugh , laugh like only children can , with all their heart ! You would of been special , not like other kids , you would of understood everything better than theme. I would of shown you everything bad , just so you know it , but I would of never let theme hurt you. You would of grown strong tough , stronger than I ever was , even tough you will be under my protection , but you would of grown stronger !

But you're not here . But I know you watch me. I know you reached a higher level than me , that you understand me , but it hurts so much when I know I cannot touch you or talk with you.Were you the Angel in my dream in that night ? You said you'll pray for my soul . It was you , wasn't it ? Pray , little brother , I will need it . Suddenly , it feels like you're the only one that can save me.but you can't , can you ?

It doesen't matter , I still love you. If you would of been here with me , you would of been my everything. It's true what they say , you never realize what you had until you lost it. Even tough I never had you , in a way I did. People don't understand , do they ? Doesen't matter . Between these raindrops I think I see your white wings. You're here , aren't you ? What ? You want to walk ? I smile . Okay.........
........give me your hand........
Love , Big sis'