Well Enough Alone

A young man named Zane who was himself a rather dark and solitary person but cautious in his ways about people walked into a empty apartment dark an dingy. He walked over the dirty clothes on the floor and went into the kitchen. He took from the cupboard a box of ramen noodles and made himself dinner. When he left to eat the bowl of warm soup he left the pot on the stove. He pushed some papers and other junk onto the floor to make room for his bowl as he sat at his small table in the kitchen which was just the carpeted part of the kitchen. He ate his dinner with only the dim light of the stove to light his world. Not only though, the red glow of a digital clock on the table also lighted his meal. It read 7:14. It was still early in the night but it was already dark and he had no where else to go after class. He finished his soup but wished it had lasted a little longer. He got up and left his bowl on the table. He looked at it for a moment and thought to himself about putting it in the dishwasher but he figured it was full of dirty dishes already.

He walked idly into the living room or his room as it was. He looked at the door to the bedroom of the apartment. It was slightly ajar but the light was out. He walked to the door and opened it but it ran into something and he heard a moan. He turned the light switch on and slipped into the room and looked down. There was something on the ground that the door had run into. He kicked the lump of crap in the way of the door. It moaned again and then spoke: "What are ya doin' man?" It was a guy not much older than Zane. He was in a T-shirt and boxers and smelled of beer and pot. He was short and a little chubby, and hairy. His gut stuck out of his shirt. He looked up at Zane shielding his eyes from the light.

Zane looked at his pathetic friend and roommate. He sighed as if something that repeatedly happed had happened again. "Pick yourself off the floor." He said with the tone of his sigh in his voice. He knelt down and put his hands under the guys armpits and lifted him to his feet. "Up ya go." His friend staggered for a second and Zane supported him so he didn't fall down back into his vomit. He then lead him to the bathroom. "Get cleaned up, man. I'll get ya some Tylenol" He said. He moved to leave the room but his friend grabbed onto his wrist and took his hand in both of his. He then leaned down slightly and touched his face to Zane's hand. "You all ways take care a me, man and ya know I love ya for it. Your like my brother or sompten." He said and sounded still a little bit drunk.

Zane struggled to get his hand back with a crooked look. "Yah, okay, dude, yah, I love you too, but your head is still slimy." His friend let go and stood up straight about five foot five.

"Oh, sorry, dude. I, ah wasn't feelen good." The friend said.

"That-" Zane said as he looked at his hand and then wiped it on his friend's shirt. "That's okay. Take a shower. Feel free to take up all the hot water."

His friend stood for a second in a daze with a blank look. "Thanks!" He said in a surprised sounding way. He then turned around and took off his boxers and Zane turned away at the sight of his ass. He walked back to the kitchen and got some Tylenol and found a clean glass and put tap water in it. He thought about putting on some coffee but he thought that it would just wire his friend for the night. He went back to the bathroom and put the Tylenol and water on the sink and put a towel on the toilet next to the shower. The shower was streaming up the mirrors and he felt a little bit regretful about the hot water thing. He was thinking about taking a shower later. Then he heard his friend mumbling in long sighs. "oooooh yah, oh yah yahhhhh."

Zane wrinkled his brow with irritation. "Sirius! would you not do that while I'm in the room!" Zane announced. Sirius poked his head out of the shower now much more alert.

"Sorry man. Didn't hear you come in." He said and looked at the towel and Tylenol. "Oh, hey wow thanks, man!" completely sincere. Then he disappeared back into the shower.

After that Zane went back to the living room and sat down on a bunch of blanket on a futon. He turned on a nearby radio and sat in the dark for a while doing nothing but thinking about doing something. He pawed his cell- phone and mumbled aloud but it was barely audible. "should I? no. probably won't even answer. or maybe." He mumbled things like this for a while. As he did he pictured someone in his mind. A girl. In his mind a perfect girl with brunette hair and light eyes. Eventually he dialed his fingers almost shaking as he did. It started to ring. He had the impulse to just hang up before anyone answered. But he didn't get a chance. "Hello?" A female voice on the other end said. Zane didn't say anything for a moment. "Hello?" the voice said again.

"Ah, Hi!" Zane said this time. "Hi, Gwen? Hey its me." Zane whacked himself in the forehead for saying hello so many times.

There was a pause. "Who?" the girl said.

"It's, It's Zane. We have a few classes together. We talked at the party last week." Zane said doubtfully.

"Ahhh, oh. Yah, yah, hey Zane wha's up? Look, I really, I cant talk right now so why don't I call you back. Okay?" Gwen said. There were no sounds in the background indicating that her attention was needed elsewhere.

Zane didn't say anything for a while. "Yah, okay yah, that, that'ed be great. Uh I'll see you in class then?" Zane said but there was a click and no answer. "Yah."

"Give it up, man!" Came Sirius's voice from the bathroom door. In a the towel he walked over and sat down on a nearby coffee table. "You know she ain't never gonna go out with ya."

Zane threw his phone in a pile of clothes while trying not to direct his vision towards Sirius's legs which were apart. "I know." He said. "But- wait a minuet! who are you to lecture me about woman anyway? When was the last time you scored?"

Sirius looked at Zane cockeyed. "How bout you?"

Zane laid back on his bed and put his hands behind his head. "Shut up! Clean up you puke."

"Okay, okay, I'm getten to it." Sirius said. "But ya really otta obsess about someone new. There are a lot of girlies out dare." He said as he went to look for some paper towels.

Zane sat up. "The worthless slob is right." he muttered. "But what would any girl let alone Genuine see in me." He lied down again and then after a while fell asleep in his clothes.

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