I am a freak, I am so weak,

There's a line I cross every single day,

Always a price to pay,

Who can see my insides, so scarred.

Lead me to the core and show me the next card,

The Queen of Spades flipped over in a pose, Raven hair, like mine,

Darkest of all, Heart upside down, Strangled on a vine,

While all suits turn their head left, I would turn mine right,

So different than the rest, My feelings for you blinds me away from sight,

A flower in my hand, Wilted and decayed,

I'm always the person in the crowd with a mask on in the unmasking parade,

Catch me if you must, And strip me of myself,

Eyes fly back to vision, Fading in my health,

Locked up on the inside, I am never able to let it all out,

My face fixed in a frown, My voice will not arise when I try to shout,

My freedom for your peace of mind, Deliver me to hell,

Too bad, this world is the same, what could be worse when all is well?

Would you expect me to kneel, obey and be a slave, So tame?

Behind my back, A scythe, Hidden in the third letter of my name.
I made an original of this but it turned out to be really bad so I revised it. In my real name the third letter is "r" and it looks like a scythe like the grim reaper holds. To clear up any confusion..