Token Of Death

You told me ,
That you'd live ,
You told me not to cry ,
That you would survive .

But you didn't ,
God took you away ,
That day ,
In my heart .

You'll always be ,
Because you were my fate ,
My destiny ,
To all those helpless lovers out there .

Never stake your life ,
Because it's a never ending sea ,
Mine was about to end ,
Four years ago .

I was sad ,
To sad to know ,
I tried to pretend ,
That I was happy .

But I forgot to laugh ,
I learned that summer after ,
How bad it really had been ,
A year later .

Failer turned to sucess ,
I was smarter ,
I had friends ,
I had thought .

That it might have been over ,
That everyone was dying ,
But they weren't ,
They were mearily ferfilling their dreams .

So this was the token of death ,
A single star in the night sky ,
I close your eyes ,
And plant a kiss upon your head one final time .

They bury you ,
Without delay ,
This was your fate ,
And not me .