By Sodoshiin

Warnings- This has homosexual content. Please don't read if you're offended by the thought of a relationship between two men. It's nothing really explicit. Angst. Rape. Sap. Humor. Violence. LALALALA!

Author's Note- Dialogue that has *s is in Japanese. "hide" is pronounced hee-day. And yes, it's supposed to be lowercase even though it's a name. (*Is a crazy fangirl*)

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"No...stop....not tonight...please...."

The sound of a slap rang out across the room and he fell bonelessly to the floor.

"How many times have I told you, you're mine. You'll do as I say, got it?" Cold green eyes studied his fallen body. "What's wrong? Don't you love me anymore?"

Before he could answer a hard mouth was covering his while hands tied his wrists to the leg of the bed with a discarded belt, tight enough to cut into the skin and draw blood.

"Why do you fight? It only hurts more when you fight. You should know that by now, love." the one above him hissed.

He cried out in pain, feeling as if he was being ripped open from the inside. A hand slammed across his face. His head flew to the side as the force of the body above him, inside him, caused the leather belt to cut into his wrists even farther. His mind grew hazy, he felt numb, as the body continued to move. Moans filled the room, but he was silent.

His thoughts traveled to another place, where he didn't have to feel any pain, where no one would hurt him. It was a dark place, no light or sound, but it was so much better than reality. All he had to do was wait.

When he returned, he was alone, still naked and tied to the bed stand. He unfastened himself and stood. Shakily, he pulled the comforter from the bed and wrapped it around himself. He saw movement in the corner of his eye and turned. He studied the young man before him. So tired, so weak, with skin so pale the veins could almost be seen. He pitied that young man. Everyone did it seemed. No one really knew why, except him. No one loved him, no one cared.

Almost no one. There was a mother somewhere, somewhere not here. She cared.

But she didn't know. No one did.

What worthless wretch of a life that young man was, tears streaming down that pale face.

He stood, walking toward the figure of the young man, watching.

You're so weak. You should die.

He looked down and walked away, toward the bathroom.

Away from his reflection in the mirror.

* * *

"Hey, Cale!" the long haired blonde cried, waving a paper in the air as she ran down the hall toward the good looking, sandy haired boy. Cale Mitchell looked up from his locker and smiled, gray eyes locking on the paper she brandished before him.

"Hey, Peg," he replied, trying to seem interested for her sake, even though his thoughts drifted elsewhere. "Is that it?"

She nodded happily. "Are you gonna sign it?"

"Do you have a pen?"

"Right here. Hey Yancy! You have to sign too!" Peg shouted as the short, dark haired girl looked around Cale's arm to see what was going on.

"What's that?" she asked.

"The petition." Peg answered. "You know, to let same sex couples go to school functions together and to promote same sex understandment."

"Is that even a word?" Cale's face quirked.

"Fork it over." Yancy told him.

Cale handed Yancy the pen after he'd signed and shuffled around in his locker. "So, is this going to be your big senior year accomplishment?"

Peg shrugged. "I dunno." She cleared her throat and made quotation marks in the air. "I just think it's stupid that they won't let homosexual couples go to the dances together. They're not hurting anyone." She looked at her watch. "I have to head out. I told Ethan I'd bring it out to him when he got out of the radio station. He said he convinced three jocks from his gym class to sign too. Well, Dave and Gary being two of the three."

"They play ping pong." Cale's eyebrow quirked. "I don't think that constitutes them as jocks."

"Table tennis." Peg corrected. "And who cares, they're gonna sign."

"Have you bugged any of the teachers?" Yancy asked, stuffing a piece of starburst into her mouth. "Go ask Mrs. Wendell, I'm sure she'd do it."

"Later, I have to get this to Ethan." Peg told her.

"Wait up, I'll go with you." Cale called, stuffing a book into his locker and shutting it.

"I'll catch up with you guys later. I have an art project I need to work on." Yancy said, heading in the opposite direction. "Hey, ask Ethan if he can give us a ride home again. My mom has to work late tonight. I have to get ready before we play tonight."

"Mooch." Peg laughed, sticking her tongue out. She skipped up beside Cale who'd been a few steps ahead of her. "You wouldn't mind catching a ride with us and Ethan would you?"

Cale shrugged, ignoring the sudden flutter in his chest. "I guess not..."

"He's really nice. I talk to him in Physics class. He gave me and Yancy a ride home a couple times after play practice." The girl replied. "Hey, you have good taste in guys. Do you think he's cute? You've seen him right?"

"Not really." Cale lied. In reality, he'd known of Ethan Hideto Tomo since grade school. They'd gone through elementary together. They used to trade snacks in the cafeteria together in third grade. They'd gone to separate middle schools, and hadn't really spoken much during most of high school. The band he played in, Tidal, was pretty popular around school. Cale had gotten reacquainted with Ethan a few months ago in the duration of his senior year. He was friends with Yancy, who was the bassist and probably heard more good things about the band than anything else due to bias. They'd all gone out a few times in a group but that didn't really make for great bonding material. "I don't have any classes with him. I hear he's good though."

Peg tossed him an amused look.

"At music!" he cried defensively. "Anyway, I don't really look at guys."

"Do you think he'd go to the prom with me?"

Cale blinked at her. "I thought you were going with Alan."

"Oh yeah..."

"Things not going so well with you two?"

"Eh, I think we're at the point where we're the boyfriend and girlfriend who can't stand the sight of one another."

"Oh, that's not good."

"Yeah, how's things with you and Simon?" she asked, looking at him.

Cale didn't answer for a moment. "He's fine."

"Oh, that's good."

Cale nodded absently.

"Cale, I'm glad you're gay."

His face quirked. "Why is that?"

"Because I can have these nice little girl talks with you."

"So where did he say he was gonna be?"

Peg looked at her watch. "Well, he said practice ended at four so he should just be getting out of the locker room right about now. He's meeting us-there he is!"

Cale looked forward, almost stopping in his tracks at the figure that leaned against the wall. Soft black hair angled down over his cheekbones, parted from the middle, falling over a pair of clear, almost black eyes. An unlit cigarette hung unceremoniously between pale lips. A dark gray cotton t-shirt and black jeans hugged perfectly against his lean body.

Why did I have to wear my crappy jeans? I probably look like shit.

Not that I had much of a choice, it's not like I can just pull a tuxedo out of my ass...

"Hey Ethan." Peg waved lightly, putting on her aren't-I-just-the-cutest-when-I-flirt-even-though-I-know-I'm-off-limits-because-I-have-a-boyfriend look. "I have a favor to ask." She batted her eyelashes at him. "Can you give us a ride home today."

The young japanese man shrugged. "Sure, are you going the same place?" The light rumble of his voice turned Cale's stomach to mush.

"Yancy's going to my house but Cale lives on Forthworth." She gestured to the young man beside her.

"Hey," Ethan tossed him a smile, pulling the cigarette from his lips and cradling it in his long, pale fingers as his hand dropped to his side. "long time no see."

Cale tried his best to smile back. He's so beautiful...

"I just had an interesting conversation with Chuck." Ethan smirked, folding his arms over his chest.

"Oh God." Peg laughed and rolled her eyes at the sound of her younger brother's name. "What is it now?"

"He's convinced that pinball is a sport." Ethan told her. "He wants to start a school team. He's working on getting a petition." He suddenly perked up. "I heard you got Lola. Good job."

"Oh, the play. Yeah, thanks." Peg replied. "Andy's playing Satan."

Ethan laughed, eyebrows arching in disbelief. "You're kidding."

Cale shifted on his feet as the two talked for another minute or two about the school play. He pulled his sleeves down, feeling the injuries there beginning to burn. He was glad nothing on his face had bruised or he would have some questions to deal with.

Peg turned to him. "Right?"

Cale jumped lightly. "Huh?"

"It would really help the school homosexual population." Peg stated. "I mean, you'll probably want to bring Simon to the prom right?"

Cale winced slightly but tried to smile. "Yeah...but the school homosexual population is...like....three."

"There's more than that." Peg huffed at him.

"Well yeah, but most of them haven't even come out yet."

Ethan looked at him. "You have a boyfriend?"

Cale's stomach clenched uncomfortably, but he nodded nonetheless.

"That's cool. I think Yancy might have mentioned it once." Ethan said. "Does he go here?"

"He's a sophomore in college." Cale told him.

"So, you'll give that back to me tomorrow, signed and sealed?" Peg asked.

Ethan nodded. "I'll pass it around to the guys in my class and the radio station tomorrow morning and I'll give it to you in Physics. Hey, tonight we have a party we're playing at, I can have people sign it there too."

"You'd better not lose it."

He put his hand to his chest and tossed her a thoughtful look. "It'll never leave my site, Oh- Anal-One."

"Alrighty." Peg tossed him a thumbs up. "We should probably head toward the art wing. We're supposed to meet Yancy there. Do you wanna come with us or meet us at the car?"

"Well, I have to head to my locker. I'll meet you out front?"

"Yup." she replied.

Ethan jogged off toward the stairs.

"I saw that." Peg giggled. "You were checking him out."

Cale huffed and eyed her. "So were you." he looked back, watching as Ethan disappeared up the stairs.

"Too bad we're both taken. Come on, let's go."

"He has a really nice ass." Cale smirked a little.

"YEAH he does..."


"Sorry we took so long!" Yancy called to Ethan as the group hopped down the steps of the school. Ethan was perched along the concrete wall, halfway through his cigarette.

"No, it's fine." Ethan assured them. "Not in any kind of a rush."

They formed somewhat of a half circle around him as Yancy bent to put the art supplies she was carrying in her book bag.

"Heard from Yanc you got a 1440 on your SATs." Ethan said, glancing at the other young man.

"Yeah." Cale replied, stuffing a chip into his mouth from the bag he cradled in one hand. "I don't know how I managed it, I'm bombing math this year."

"You have Mr.Valanetti I take it." Ethan smirked. "I switched out of his class the first day. I heard horror stories." He pulled a chip from the bag and took a bite. "If I'd known you back then I would have warned you."

"Going to college?"


"What do you want to major in?" Cale looked at Ethan, his spirits brightening.


"Oh, that's cool," Cale answered between crunches. "You write music?"


"Cale writes poetry." Yancy put it. Cale blushed and slid down noticeably in his chair. "Oh Cale, it's very macho to write poetry. You don't have to be shy." She turned back to Ethan. "And he's good at it too."

"You know." Ethan munched on another chip. "Lyric writing is pretty much just poetry with music."

"Yeah, I guess you're right..."

"I think Cale should take a shot a writing lyrics. They'd be awesome."

"Hey wait a minu-" Cale stammered.

"Actually, don't we have a song we're supposed to be writing for the BOTB Tournament?" Yancy's eyes lit up. "If he works on the lyrics and you write the music we could have it done in NO time! I mean, Greg is good at writing and stuff but we want something that people won't cringe at when they hear it."

"Not to mention Anthony's voice is starting to wear after all that screaming..." Ethan nodded and glanced at Cale. "You up for it?"

"Um.....I guess...."

Ethan grinned. "You want to come over to my house this week sometime and we'll work on it?"


"Should we get going?" Yancy asked, looking up at the clock. "We have band practice at five and I really need to get home and take a shower."

"Sounds like a plan to me." The young asian man nodded.

The four walked out through the main doors of the school toward the parking lot, the two guys and Yancy talking endlessly about anime while Peg examined her eyeshadow in her makeup compact, when Cale suddenly stopped.

Ethan glanced at him, seeing him pale. "Are you okay?" He followed Cale's eyes to the traffic circle where a dark Trailblazer was parked. A young man leaned against the passenger side door, red hair glinting in the sun, sunglasses aimed at the group.

"Uh, I guess I have a ride." Cale muttered. He turned to Ethan. "Thanks anyway." He swallowed heavily. "I'll see you guys later, okay?"

Yancy and Ethan nodded and waved.

"Hi Simon!" Peg yelled.

The young man merely glanced at her and smirked.

Cale walked quickly toward the vehicle, his eyes aimed at the ground, his math book pressed tightly to his chest. The redhead pulled him into a stiff hug as soon as he was close enough then seemed to force his head back for a hard kiss.

"I'm guessing that's the boyfriend." Ethan stated, watching them. Something about the redhead made his hair stand on end.

"That would be him." Yancy sighed. "He's a jerk if you ask me. Cale loves him though. ....Don't really see WHY..."

"Are we gonna go?" Peg cried impatiently.

"Yes, Dear." Ethan sighed, casting one last glance at the jeep as it started to pull away. Cale was looking at him, giving a light, almost sad wave.

Ethan waved back before turning and heading for the parking lot.


"Who was that?" Simon inquired, watching the road.

"He's a friend of Peg's." Cale replied.

"He's cute." Simon said, monotoned. "Don't you think so?"

Cale shrugged. "I guess."

Simon glanced at him. "So, are you going to be more civil tonight?"

Cale let out a light scoff. "Are you going to tie me to the bed again?"

Simon shrugged. "If I have to." He looked back at him. "I'm sorry for hurting you again last night." But his voice held no indication that he actually was.

Cale just looked out the window, sighing, hoping tonight wouldn't be as bad as last night, or the endless nights prior, knowing it was almost futile to think so.

* * *

Simon was leaning over the bed, his arm making a bar across Cale's neck, preventing him from breathing, which was effectively distracting him while the redhead removed both sets of clothes. While Cale continued to struggle for air, Simon violently yanked his bare legs apart and propped them up. Finally getting a moment for breath, Cale began screaming for help.

The screams never helped. No one ever came anyway.

But he still tried.

Intensifying the pitch of his voice, Cale continued to scream even as Simon pushed into him. There was no consideration for pain, just harsh, brutal touches and blood went everywhere. The red liquid trickled in streams down both their thighs and became thicker each time Simon moved. With desperate force Cale tried to push him away, anything to make him stop.

Simon held him to the bed to stop the blonde's attempt at retaliation. Cale's screams got louder when the movements came faster and more desperate. It was coming to the end. Simon moved once again and straightened, his body taught, his eyes rolling. "Even his tiny fanglike teeth protruded a little as he smiled.

There were no more screams, only the sound of soft whimpering as Cale threw an arm over his face, trying to push back the tears that burned his eyes. A smirk slithered up the corners of Simon's mouth and he refused to remove himself or let the blonde up.

Only after Cale had fallen into an exhausted sleep, and could no longer show pain, did Simon clean himself off, get dressed, and leave from sight.

* * *

Cale watched from the very back of the room as Tidal played. The room was filled with people, dancing, eating, drinking, standing around, and talking. Curley's Pub was probably the closest thing to a club the town had. Every Friday night teens would flock to socialize.

Cale himself had only been there twice before. Once, with Peg in the middle of his sophomore year, and a week after that. He'd met Simon there the second time, then a senior at the high school only a town over.

A body brushed against his and he was suddenly glad that the clothing he wore was long and concealing. He'd been at Simon's mercy for the past few nights and had the physical evidence to show for it.

Cale tried to watch the band, concentrate on the notes, the alternative voice of the vocalist, but his thoughts kept drifting and he ended up staring blankly at the strings on Yancy's bass guitar.

Simon, why do you have to hurt me so much? Why can't you just stop? Why did you have to change? I loved you dammit...

Now he was scared out of his mind.

Simon had told him to stay away from his friends...but they were all he had now. His mother was still away again, off on a business trip. They could take weeks at a time. Her business was failing, she needed more publicity.

Everything was going to hell.

Cale jumped slightly as he felt an arm bump his. He winced. The bruise Simon had left on his arm, there were several of them. All over him. They hurt so much sometimes...

But if he ran or told, he was sure Simon would find a way to return the favor.

He always did.

It had been almost a week and a half since he'd agreed to help Ethan write the song and they still hadn't done anything about it. Not that they hadn't seen one another. Yancy had dragged the two young men with her to a three-night anime marathon the weekend before.

Cale found himself able to ignore everything that went on around him. It all faded, the music dulled, the faces seemed to mesh together.

One moment of peace.

Then a familiar movement caught his eyes and he was instantly snapped back to reality.

A fire colored head moved through the crowd.


Why? Why was Simon here? Here of all places? And so early? It was hardly six o'clock!

Cale paled, and his blood ran cold even when he realized Simon wasn't heading for him, but for another body in the crowd. His first instinct was to hide himself, fade away, get away.

And his prayers seemed to be answered.

"Well?" Ethan asked, grinning like a maniac, standing in front of Cale. The blonde's view of Simon was blocked and inwardly he hoped it worked both ways.

"You guys were great." Cale offered him as genuine a smile as he could. "When Yancy said that you guys did that screaming stuff I was under the impression that that was all you did."

"Naw, we'd rip all our hair out." He eyed Cale who was trying to glance around him. He turned his head to see what all the attention was about and frowned. "Hey....isn't that..."

"Simon..." Cale said quietly, as if just mentioning his name would bring trouble.

Ethan turned back to him and blinked. "Are you two okay?"

"Never better, can we go?"

Ethan blinked for a moment before nodding. "Alright. Just let me tell Yanc so she doesn't go looking for us."

"Okay. Want me to head to the car?"

"Yeah, here." Ethan reached into his pocket and handed him the keys. "No driving off without me."

"I can't drive anyway."

"Even more reason."

Cale smiled a little and turned, walking against the wall and around people to get to the exit. As he opened the main door he was hit with a rush of cool night air. He suddenly realized how stuffy the building actually was. He spotted Ethan's car about a hundred feet away in the parking lot and walked to it.

What was Simon doing at the pub tonight?

Why tonight of all nights?

The blond fumbled lightly with the keys as he walked, looking at the key rings that had been placed there.

'Keys I Haven't Lost Yet' read one.

How Do You Keep An Idiot Busy For Hours? (turn this side over)' Cale turned it over and smacked himself in the head, seeing it said exactly the same thing on the other side.


He'd told Simon that he couldn't do anything tonight, that he was having dinner with his aunt and staying at their house for the night. It was the only way to escape. Simon had bought the story...warily...

Cale had been lucky he hadn't been spotted.

"So how was dinner?" a voice called from behind him.

He turned just in time to see a hand fly at him. Before he had the chance to move it connected with his face and threw him back a few steps, stumbling. Dazed, he felt himself being pushed up against a car, Ethan's car. His eyes focused on Simon and closed.

"You lied to me."


Another hit.

Cale never imagined the redhead would do anything like this in public. Yet again, it was almost certain the parking lot was empty.

"I don't like it when you lie to me, pet."

"I hate it when you call me that." Cale growled at him, putting his hand to his sore cheek.

"But that's exactly what you are. You're MINE. I OWN you. I claimed you fair and square." He pulled Cale's face up by his hair and harshly, brutally kissed him.

The blonde protested against the attack only to have the hand come up again.

Only this time it didn't strike.

"Let go of me!!" Simon screeched. "Ghaa!! You're breaking my wrist!!"

The redhead was pushed to the ground, glaring up at his attacker.

"I ever catch you touching him again and it will be more than your wrist that's sore." A familiar voice hissed back.

Simon pulled himself to his feet and strided angrily back to the pub. "You're mine Cale. That's all there is to it!"

Cale felt an arm go around him and realized he was being led back to Ethan's car.

"Is your mom home?"


"Alright, you can stay at my house tonight. I don't think it's a good idea for you to be alone when he's angry like this." Ethan opened the door for him, taking the keys carefully from his hand.

Cale nodded

* * *

"Is that you honey?" Mrs. Tomo called from the kitchen as Ethan walked in through the front door, Cale tagging along behind him.

"No, it's me Mom." he answered, heading into the kitchen where his mother sat at the counter, cutting long onions.

She smirked at him. "*That's what I meant.*" She kissed his cheek as he sat down. "And who's this?" She smiled at Cale.

"Mom, this is Cale. Cale, my 'kasan." Ethan said.

They said their hellos as Ethan beckoned Cale to sit.

Ethan's mother blinked. "What happened to your face?"

"I...had an accident..." Cale told her, rubbing his cheek lightly, feeling a bruise beginning.

"I'll get you some ice." She told him and headed for the freezer.

Cale didn't meet the look Ethan tossed him but could feel it boaring into him nonetheless.

"Here you go."

"Thanks." Cale took the washcloth wrapped ice and pressed it to his cheek.

"Mmm..." Ethan muttered, stealing a strawberry form the small green grocery store basket and popping it into his mouth.

"*Those haven't been washed.*" His mother scolded. He just shrugged and reached for another one, his attack thwarted as she lightly slapped his hand. "*They're also for desert.*"

"Toosan wa doko desu ka?" he asked.

"*Who knows...*" his mother sighed. "*Probably still in New York.*"

"*I thought he was coming home.*"

"*You know how the office gets. He might not be back until Wednesday.*" she replied.

"*Oh. Need any help with dinner?*"

"*Are you going to eat it all before I even get it on the table?*" she asked, her hands on her hips, looking at him accusingly.

"Probably." His face suddenly brightened as he saw Cale watching them, a blank expression on his face. "Sorry 'bout that." He patted the young man on the head sympathetically.

Mrs. Tomo smiled. "You two wash up and come back down in about an hour or so." She pointed to her son. "I need you to make the okonomi-yaki."

Ethan flexed his muscles. "Mwahahaha! For only I know grampa's secret recipe! Handed down from generation to generation!"

"*That it's just a pancake with seaweed and dashi in it?*" his mother asked him.

He pouted as his mother kissed him on the cheek. "Oh, shush you."


Cale watched as Ethan, lounging on his bed, leafed through a manga and bobbed his head to the song on his cd player.

He sat still, pretending not to watch the young japanese man as he lip synched, trying to fight the smile that fought for control of his lips. "So, this is X-Japan."

"The best band in the world." Ethan nodded. "They broke up a couple years ago."

"They could always do that re-tour thing. A lot of bands do." Cale shrugged.

"Their lead guitarist is dead. He got drunk and "killed himself"." Ethan made quotation marks in the air. "They could NEVER replace hide...Besides, Toshi joined the Happy-Bunny-Cult, so without a singer it would just be Yoshiki, Pata and Heath...Well, Pata and Heath. Yoshiki went on a solo career. And Pata's kind of a drunkard. And no one really likes Heath..."

"Uhm..." Cale just blinked. "What?"

Ethan laughed. "Nevermind. I was ranting gibberish. Just like when my mom and I speak in Japanese, ne?"

"I think it's cool that you can speak Japanese so well."

"But you had no idea what we were talking about." Ethan reminded him. "I have problems with that. One minute I'll be talking in English, the next I'll be ranting about nothing in nihongo."

"You used to sing and talk to yourself in Japanese back in the day." Cale remembered.

"That's just the way my mom taught things to me." He shrugged. "When I first got to kindergarten I knew less English than Japanese. My dad told my mom to speak to me in English more often so I'd learn. She never did, so he had to." He smiled to himself. "My mom's more laid back than my dad. He wants me to become a lawyer. She knows I want to go into music and she's behind me all the way." he grinned. "She's just like my grandfather. My dad hates it. It's like the hippie marrying the bureaucrat."

Cale laughed. "They sound great."

"Yeah." Ethan sighed. "They're okay when they're miles apart. Put them in the same room and they bicker about everything and anything." He tilted his head at Cale. "So, what's the deal with your mom? When's she coming back?"

"She called me last night, she should be home by Tuesday." Cale replied. "She calls me every night to check up on me. She feels really bad about leaving me home so often."

Ethan looked down at his cd case and frowned. "Simon come over a lot when she's not home?"


There was a pause. "Has he hurt you before?"

"H...He doesn't mean to."

"Bullshit." Ethan muttered angrily. "I saw the way he looked when he was about to hit you tonight. He knew what he was doing and he meant it. And he knew he could get away with it. He's done it before hasn't he?"

"I don't want to talk about this..."


"You don't know anything that's going on!" Cale shouted at him. "You think that just because we started being friends again that you could just tell me how to live my life?! Well, FUCK YOU!"

Ethan's mouth hung slightly open, his eyes wide. "I didn't.....I was just trying to help...."

"Well I don't need your help...."

Ethan didn't reply.

"I'm sorry.....I shouldn't have yelled at you like that..."

"Sounded like you needed a good yell..."

"Do you think your mom heard me?"

"I dunno... she has a tendency to tune certain things out."

"I hope she didn't....I don't want her thinking I'm some kind of insane lunatic."

"You know what she would say in a time like this?"


"You know what they say....when life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye with one, take their money, and run.' "

Cale let out a light laugh. "What the hell's THAT supposed to mean?"

"Dunno exactly, but it cheered me up the first time I heard it."

"It's kinda cool."

"Yeah, my mommy's smart. One thing's for sure though. If that guy ever touches you again he'll have hell to pay." Ethan looked back at the clock. "Maybe we should head down now. It's been about an hour. When we come back up I can show you the wonders of Luna Sea."


Cale looked up as the light from the window reflected on the ceiling. He lived on a busy street so the silence seemed almost deafening. Every once in a while a car would pass. The only other sounds consisted of the wind outside and the steady breathing of the young man stretched out on the floor. The bed was comfortable, he had to admit. He was glad Ethan had forced him to, being as gracious of a host as possible. ("What are you doing?!" "You're taking the bed. That's an ORDER mister." "But it's your bed." "And I'm giving it to you so take it!" "Ghaa! Put me down!") Cale smiled to himself a little. He was safe here. Simon wouldn't know where Ethan lived. Even if he did, after tonight he probably wouldn't have the balls to do anything about it.

"You awake?"

Cale jumped a little. "Um....yeah...."

"You hungry?"

Cale smiled sheepishly. After all the food Ethan's kasan...mother...had made for them he should have been full for at least the next few days. His stomach seemed to have other ideas. It was already aching a little, the first symptom that it was going to start growling at him soon.

"A little."

He heard Ethan sit up. "Come on, I always get something to eat in the middle of the night."

"Like what?"

"Ever have a ranch dressing sandwich?"

Cale blanched. "A WHAT?"

"Not so loud."


"Anyway, it's a lot better than it sounds. Especially on rye bread."

"I suppose I could try."

He could make out Ethan standing in the dark and started to pull the blankets away.

As they got out into the hallway Cale walked until he reached the step, almost falling down it. Luckily Ethan was ahead of him and grabbed him.

"Sorry...we can't turn on the lights. Might wake up mom. Here I'll lead you down."

Cale blushed as a warm hand folded around his and pulled him steadily down the thickly carpeted stairs.

* * *

Cale looked out the kitchen window and out into the Tomo's yard the next afternoon. His notebook sat on the table in front of him. Words...no...lyrics were jotted all over the page in front of him. Beside him on the table was a half eaten ranch dressing sandwich on rye. Mrs. Tomo was at work and Ethan sat in the chair opposite of Cale, plucking at the strings on his guitar.

"Have anything yet?"

"Not much....wanna see?"

Ethan nodded and reached over for the notebook.

Cale watched him as he scanned it, feeling pride as the young asian man's eyebrows arched in amazement. "You ARE good."


"Can I make a suggestion?"


"Instead of having the top verses as the repeat what about four and eight? They go well together and I can see them working through the whole song."

"Lemme see?"

Ethan handed the notebook back and spectated as Cale studied.

"That would actually work. We might have to change some of the wording though."

Ethan laughed. "Poet my ass. You should have been a lyricist."

Cale beamed and blushed at the same time. "Any ideas on a melody?"

"I'll have to work on it but I have some ideas."

"This is actually kind of fun."

"Tomorrow I'm gonna take it to Anthony's house and see what he thinks. Maybe we'll be able to get the band together and record it."

"But it's not even done yet." Cale blinked.

"I can work on the melody tonight. I kind of have it in my head. All I have to do is get it down on paper. I timed it in my head too. It's a little over four minutes."

"You can do that?"

"Well, I used my mom's cooking timer. If you can keep up the beat consistently in your head it's not that hard to do."

"Oh ye of many talents." Cale smirked.

"Yeah, I can tie my own shoes too." Ethan winked and Cale blushed again. "So you think you'll be okay for a few hours here alone? It won't be long."

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Cale nodded. "Can I listen to your X Japan cd?"

"Of course."

Cale smiled. "You're gonna have to explain that whole band break-up thing to me again sometime."

"That was only the condensed version. But I'll have plenty of time tomorrow night to explain."

* * *

Cale flipped through the channels and sighed. It was Saturday. Where were all the cartoons? No, wait, it was Sunday.

The blond sighed and stretched lightly.

Ethan had been gone for a little over and hour now.

There was a knock on the door and Cale jumped a little, putting down the third ranch dressing sandwich he'd eaten that morning. "Coming!"

He thought later that he should have looked out the window to see who was out there instead of just pulling the door open.

As soon as he peered out a body forced its way in and threw him back.

"Hey!" Cale cried just as a hand clamped over his mouth.

"So THIS is the great musician's house." Simon spat, pulling Cale around the house, making sure they were alone, almost carrying him as the other young man struggled. "Had to wait for everyone to leave. We need to talk." He headed up the stairs, dragging Cale with him.

They made it to Ethan's room where Cale was thrown onto the bed roughly.

Simon slammed the door behind him and glared. "Nice bed. Is it comfortable? Does it squeak a lot?"

"Simon, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" The blond demanded. "You can't just break into someone's house whenever you feel like it."

"This was necessary." the redhead assured him. "I wouldn't be a good boyfriend if I just let you go around sleeping with other people would I?"

"I'm no sleeping with-"

"BULL SHIT!" Simon strided forward, grabbed his shirt and threw him against the mattress. "Everything was FINE until HE came around!"

"NOTHING was fine! You HURT me!"

"That's because you FOUGHT!"

"No!!! Lemme go!!!"

"Shut up!!"

Cale kicked his legs, trying to push the heavy body off him, trying to get the hands away from him, trying to struggle before he was fastened down.

"LET ME GO!!!!!" With one final kick of his legs he forced Simon away from him and scrambled away, to the other side of the bed.

With an angry growl the redhead dove across the bed and grabbed him by his hair, pulling him violently down onto his stomach.

"Since when did YOU become the feisty one? That little jap fuck of yours putting ideas in your head?"

"Get your fucking hands off me!" Cale shrieked, half in anger, half in pure terror.

Knees pressed agonizingly into his back as hands grabbed his wrist and proceeded to tie it down to the bedpost.

"This is the last time you lie to me."

Cale gasped loudly as his shirt was cut off from neck to waist and pulled away.

A knife.

Simon had a knife.

Oh God, he's gonna kill me...

An angry roar bellowed through the room and Cale braced himself.

The knee was pulled away.

Immediately Cale was up, pushing himself toward the head of the bed, pulling frantically on the ties of hi wrist.

Simon dropped the knife as Mrs. Tomo swatted at him with a frying pan, swearing rapidly in japanese.

There was a blur in the doorway and Simon went flying against the wall, his nose and lip spurting blood. Mrs. Tomo rushed to the side of the bed, untying Cale and searching him for wounds.

Cale merely watched as Simon was hit again and again before Ethan seemed to compose himself. The tall Japanese man grabbed the redhead by his collar and dragged him from the room. Loud footsteps thundered in the stairway. There was yelling. Cale couldn't quite hear, it was all muffled to his ears. Or maybe, which would have made more sense, it was all in Japanese. He couldn't tell. It should have made sense but for some reason his whole body was numb. His senses were dull.

He should be in pain by now.

Simon should have been hitting him.

Hurting him.

But Ethan.....Ethan had just saved him.

Mrs. Tomo frantically reached past him and grabbed the phone on Ethan's nightstand.

And everything went dark.


Cale watched as the patrol car pulled out of the driveway and down the street. Simon had been taken away hours before when the first car had arrived. He woke up on the couch in the livingroom with a blanket wrapped around him and his head resting on Ethan's leg. Ethan had been talking to a police officer just as Simon was dragged out. A paramedic was busy inspecting Cale's back while Ethan ran a reassuring hand through the blonde's hair.

It was over.

For now at least.

"Ethan?" Cale looked back at the other young man as the tail lights of the car disappeared.

Ethan looked up from his mug of coffee. "Hm?"

"What am I goin to tell my mom?"

"The truth I guess. My mom said she'd help any way she can. And I will too. None of this was your fault Cale."

"I know..."

"You wanna stay here a few more days?"

"I'd like that."

* * *


Ethan looked over at him as the song continued on, bobbing his head lightly to the pulsing beat of the drums. The cassette was one of three copies. One for Cale, one for Ethan, and one for the band. It blared from the speakers of Ethan's stereo, the bass cranked up, allowing one to imagine a live performance. "What do you think?"

"It's completely and totally awesome." Cale smiled. "You did a good job."

"Hey, WE did a good job."

They were both silent for a moment as Cale leaned into Ethan's shoulder, smiling lightly. The words and the noted blended perfectly. It was all so much more than he could have imagined. He felt a great sense of pride in that he had helped make this possible.

"You're going to win."

"That's what I thought too."

Cale smiled and yawned a little, allowing himself to get lost in the safe warmth of his friend's body. Ethan shifted and put an arm over the smaller young man's shoulders and leaned back, sighing.

"You haven't smoked since that night at the Pub have you?"

"You noticed."

"Good job."

Ethan sighed. "Yeah well. I figure I might as well. Even though I've been told people who quit tend to gain weight afterwards."

"Oh, that doesn't happen to everyone."

"And if it does?"

"Then you'll be my favorite pudgy Japanese guy."

He could feel Ethan's laugh rumbling in his chest. "Gee thanks. That really means a lot to me."



Cale's eyes moved up, to study the asian man's face. "Do you think Simon will come back?"

"I doubt it." Ethan's eyes seemed to darken. "I think he knows he'll have more to deal with than he can handle if he does."

"My knight in shining armor."

"You better believe it." Ethan sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "Cale....that night? When we saw Simon at the pub?....I know the reason he was there...."


"He was meeting his girlfriend."

Cale paused. "Disturbing..."

"Aren't you mad?"

"Nope." Cale snuggled into the crook of his neck and yawned. "She can have him. I just hope he treats her differently than he treated me…which I doubt…"




"Thank you."

"Thank YOU. Because of you we're going to be five grand richer."



"It's not that great of a song..." Cale blushed a little. "I mean, what if it doesn't work?"

"It's a great song." Ethan traced a finger along the shell of Cale's ear and smirked. "There's nothing wrong with the lyrics."

"Or the music."

"Or the music." Ethan nodded. "It's fate. They belong together."

"Do....do you think it will be alright?"

"I think it will be fine..."

"What about your mom? Will she be alright with it?"

"I don't think so. She thinks you're cute."

"But, what will other people think?"

"You know? I really don't give a damn."

Cale smiled and leaned up as their lips met.

Devil on both shoulders,

I was hidden in the dreams of the dark

The rain is taking over

every thing is gone and it's too late

It hurts

I've been here shouting

Even if I can't be heard

The rain will stop someday

My voice is broken,

But I'm still crying out

Reality's a traitor

So what can I believe in?

My voice is broken

But I can hear you falling from grace

Escaping dreams, blinded by light,

The rain will stop someday

You're frozen in the past

If you won't move on just tear yourself up

How can you smile when you're alone?

How can you breathe with the world on your shoulders?

I know it hurts

I used to look a tortured eye on the past

but now I feel free even from the pain

The rain will stop someday

You're voice is broken

But you're still screaming

It's easy to misjudge things

So what do you believe now?

You're voice is broken

But I can hear you falling from grace

Escaping dreams, blinded by light

The rain will stop someday

My voice is broken,

But I'm still crying out

Reality's a traitor

So what can I believe?

My voice is broken

But I can hear you falling from grace

Escaping dreams, blinded by light,

The rain will stop someday

Not knowing

How can you smile when you're alone?

Come take my hand now

I'll lead you to the sky before the end.

My voice is broken

But I can hear you falling from grace

Escaping dreams, blinded by light,

The rain will stop someday


Performed by Tidal

Lyrics by Cale Mitchell and Ethan Tomo

Music by Ethan Tomo

X-tacy Records Co. Tokyo, Japan

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