The Dark Prince

Small, brown eyes watched with boredom as raindrops fell out of the black night sky. The stars seemed to be on a vacation and the moon was shadowed, in fact the only light there existed was in Annabelle's room.

"Anna, aren't you in bed yet sweetheart, tomorrow's a big day, get some sleep, I mean it, goodnight." Annabelle's mother hollered from the downstairs bedroom.

"Mom! I am seventeen years old, stop worrying about me. Besides look at this load of homework I've got to finish for tomorrow, not to mention my four tests! I will be in bed later, jeez," Annabelle shouted back as she opened the door just a crack with a small smile. It was really funny to her how her mother still treated Anna as a child. Looking to her clothes, she made a face, and put on a spaghetti strap white shirt and pajama pants with teddy bears on them instead. She removed the green eye shadow she had secretly been wearing and sighed looking up at the ceiling. She should really have started her homework and studying earlier, but she was graduating in a couple of months, and she didn't see the point of this work. She was just taking the AP courses as a challenge to herself and was doing fine in her opinion anyways. She picked up her phone, lying belly down on the bed and dialed her best friend's number.

"Hey is that you Anna? Must be, you're the only one that ever calls me this late, good thing for the private line eh Anna or my parents would freak at the phone bill."

"Neva, stop stressing about the phone bill, your parents won't care unless it's not paid, and you have a good job so relax."

"Look who's talking, Ms. I am too stressed to party though I am smart genius person that could rule the world."

"Ha, ha, ha, please I can't even rule the oven in Home Ec., much less the entire world, anyways Neva, I got some thoughts I need to share, wanna listen?"

"Like I have a choice Anna, what's eating you up?"

"My life, argh I don't want to sound like a selfish brat pain in the butt, but my life is so boring and so sheltered, my parents mean well and I love them, but I feel suppressed."

"Well no wonder Anna, all you do is study and cram, you need to get out a little sometimes, you're only human."

"Neva, you know me, I am going to that private school six hours from here and I kind of keep to keep up the grades so they won't reject me but still. my life doesn't seem to have a purpose."

"Anna you're too young to worry about purpose, you're a teenager, and you make the mistakes now and reflect upon the consequences of your actions later."

"Neva I am tired of being the study hard geek in high school, and I am feeling lonely too, tell me do you think there's something wrong with me."

"Anna, I think for once there's something right with you! Anna, do yourself a favor, stop being such a timid person and do what you want to for once in your life and I uh got to go, now I gotta study or else Ms. Petermel will lecture me to death tomorrow, bye." The phone went dead a second later and Anna put the phone back into its place with a sigh. She looked into the mirror with a disgruntled look. *Sure I am pretty and sure I am not too bad off, but face it Anna, you're the average Joe and that will never change, stop procrastinating and do some work!* As Anna was about to reach for her Biology II textbook, her hands slid across the smooth surface of a magazine.

"Neva, what am I going to do with all your stuff in my room!" Anna said playfully and looked at the cover with a surprise. There he was, the man that her inspired the change within her, almost beckoning to her. His sharp blue eyes, dark brown hair, and his chiseled chin made Anna blush to the bone. His name was Zelden as far as she knew and he was the Hollywood celebrity rage but his attitude was so calm and so confident that he possessed a mysterious aire around him that Anna couldn't resist. *He's everything I am not and everything I want to be, and yet he is still so smart and tall and down to Earth, he truly is the perfect man, but he can have anyone he wants, he has all those extraordinary women at his reach, why in the world would he want me? Well he's a good distracter but I better hurry and do my work if I don't want to look like a Zombie tomorrow with no sleep.* Anna rolled her eyes and brought out the nearly empty pen then put it down and looked at the magazine again, a slight red hue still blossoming in her cheeks.