Complete Fluff

Roses as pink as the sweet smile of Dawn,

Grow up trees and across meadows,

Painting the land like the mists of sunset.

Rabbits, as soft and white as falling snow,

Hop to and fro,

-joining in the noon day frolic of the squirrels-

Causing the land over many days,

To sprout dozens of fluffy rabbits from the ground.

As time moves on,

The land becomes not pink, but white,

Covered by all the young rabbits produced that week.

A voice, as clear as bells, as soft as rain,

Echoes through the air,

Causing Love birds and Doves to join the song.

The voice emanates from the solitary throat,

Of the most beautiful maiden in the land.

Her hair, the color of the stars in the night sky,

Her eyes, the blue of the most precious sapphire.

Her song is the song of true love.

Another voice calls out to answer her,

As a valiant young man leaps out of the woods.

His hair, the chestnut of a small sapling,

His eyes, the gray like the sea after a storm,

His face, perfectly chiseled like a statue of a hero from legend.

The maiden beams like the sun,

Happy to gaze upon her true love once more.

The man smiles back,

-(eager to become as lucky as the rabbits)-

Because he too, sees his true love.

A sappy love song leaks from a boom box under a rabbit,

As the two begin running towards each other,

Arms outstretched,

Lips puckered.

Their feet kick rabbits into the air,

As they make their way to the other.

At last, they are but a few feet apart,

When an irate rabbit clamps its jaws

Onto the man's ankle,

Causing him to fall flat on his face.

The young maiden falls to the ground,

Nursing her love back to health.

Their lips meet,

And stars and hearts appear in the air.

The rabbits pile upon the young lovers,

Spelling with their noses and cotton tails,


Disclaimer: No rabbits were harmed in the making of this fluff mockery. And I do not own the phrase "like the sea after a storm" Buttercup does.