Kicking, thrashing, struggling

As the current pulls harder.

Millions of needles

Pierce the skin,

As the ice moves back into place,

Engulfing the body in water.

Cries of help

Surge forth to the lips,

But the mouth dares not open,

For fear of suffocating faster.

A boned hand,

Known as Death,

Reaches up from the murky depths below,

Gripping the ankle,

Pulling the body further from life.

A darkness builds in the mind,

As consciousness begins to fade.

Struggling, thrashing, kicking.

The hand grips harder,

Pulls faster.

The mind submits defeat,

As the body is pulled further,

Descending into the abyssal chasms of death.

A sound of breaking glass,

Echoes through the water,

As shards of crystalline ice,

Fall upon the body.

A light forces through the water,

Blinding the eyes.

A hand,

Known as Fate,

Reaches from the hole in the surface,

Grips the arm,

And pulls the body away from the grinning face of Death.