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Any southern Texas day would have been hot, but it also happened to be the hottest day of the year, June 21st. It was, in fact, noon, which made it the hottest time of the hottest day of the year. The small, suburban town was facing extreme heat as they had not faced in years. But even extreme heat could not stop people from going about their business as usual. Of course, all the townspeople were in high spirits. Just as residents of New England usually enjoy the snow, nearly every single inhabitant of this town loved the heat. They were smiling at each other as they passed in the street, waving and hello-ing each other as they drove by in cars, and generally being kind to one another.

At the local police station, the employees were about five minutes into their lunch break. Almost all of them were eating outside. Two men in particular were leaning against a squad car and eating deli sandwiches. Then one of them addressed the other unexpectedly.


Jemison looked. "What?"

"Look closer."

He looked closer. "I don't see anything."

"Follow my finger." Walker pointed across the street.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Confused, Jemison looked as hard as he could in the direction of the town bank.

Walker rolled his eyes. "That's why you're on doughnut patrol."

Insulted, and still confused, Jemison surveyed the area around the bank carefully. He saw a couple of people milling around, but nothing unusual. "Just tell me what you see," he snapped back.

Taking advantage of the chance to act maddeningly superior, Walker leaned back lazily against the car. "You remember that time, about two months ago, when we caught that bald man trying to rob the bank?"

Wondering where this was going, Jemison nodded. "Yeah."

"Well?" Walker flicked his finger back across the street. "Look familiar?"

"Oh." Now Jemison understood. There was a kid, probably in his late teens, slouching toward the door of the white building. He was dressed the same way the bald guy had been; dark, baggy clothes, and a black baseball cap pulled down over his face. His hands were in his pockets, and he was wearing many more layers than was necessary for this kind of heat. "So you want to go over there and check it out?" he asked.

"Yup." Walker took a last bite of his sandwich and placed it carefully on the hood of the car, making sure that none would roll off. Jemison did the same. Then the two of them crossed the street.

The men entered the bank and leaned casually against the counter, looking around for the kid. He had come in a good ten minutes before they had. Finally they spotted him walking up to a redheaded teller. He mumbled something to her, gave her a note, and she looked surprised. The teller, who was facing Jemison, struck him as remarkably familiar, like he had seen her somewhere before. He shrugged it off and watched her read the note. Her eyes widened and she handed him a small sack. He opened it a little, peeked inside, and pocketed it. Then he spun around and started to head back for the door.

At this point, Walker moved swiftly to the door as well, with Jemison at his heels. Walker reached it first and turned to face the kid. This should have been Jemison's first real look at him, but his cap was pulled so far over his face that they couldn't learn anything about him that they didn't already know.

Jemison turned to look at Walker and was surprised to find that he had his gun drawn, and was pointing it at the boy. Without a word, the kid slowly reached two fingers into his right pocket and produced - a bright yellow water gun. This he dropped on the ground.

He also put his other hand into his left pocket and drew out the small sack, which he opened and turned upside down, allowing the contents to spill to the floor. The contents were about thirty gold coins. Thirty plastic gold coins.

The kid then pulled off his baseball cap, letting masses of dark brown hair cascade around his shoulders. Jemison looked into his face and realized that it was a girl, that it was none other than Judy.

A sudden movement behind the counter diverted Jemison's attention as the redheaded teller came out from behind it, grinning. Now Jemison recognized her. It was Sarah, Judy's 'partner in crime.' He understood at once. This whole thing had been a setup. A quick glance at the look on Walker's face told him that he was thinking the same thing.

Judy smirked. "Gotcha."

"You fell for everything," Sarah cackled. "We had you completely fooled!"

Judy and Sarah were two homeless girls who lived downtown somewhere. They didn't go to school, and had no parents, but one way or another they managed to feed themselves. The police force hated them, because their favorite pastime was making the cops look like lazy, doughnut- devouring pigs. And somehow, they managed to succeed every time.

Judy looked at Walker's very red face. They had been planning this one for weeks, and it had gone perfectly. Sarah had even gotten a real job at the bank. Of course, she had only gotten it this morning, and was quitting this afternoon, but still. The plot had worked. Men were all so naïve. This had to be the fourth time this month that the police had fell for one of these little ploys, and it never got old.

Laughing, they ran out the door and down the street, leaving the two cops to reflect on another happy memory.


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