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Warning: M/M Slash, mild language, cross-dressing (yay!)

Be Destined

            "Jesse! Have you finished with that review? I need to have it edited tonight." A short, scruffy man yelled out of his office, his small head popping out of the corner of the doorframe.

            "Yes, sir! I have it right here!" Jesse, a skinny figure with black hair appeared at his side, holding a manila folder. "It's all done. I'm sure you'll like it."

            "Good, good. You might want to start on the next article."

            "Yes, sir. Uh, Mr. Jennings? Where's Elizabeth?" The feminine voice asked.

            "She's showing around one of the new editors.  She begged to do it. Now, get back to work, woman!"

            Jesse smiled, "Yes, sir."

            "Stop with the 'sir' crap, Jesse. It's annoying. Really, it is." Mr. Jennings scratched his balding head.

            "Yes, uncle." Jesse grinned, quickly moving away from the older man's raised hand.

            "I've always hated working with family.  You'd think you were an exception." He scoffed, closing his door to his office, mumbling about crazy, confused boys.


            Jesse was an exception.  Having a niece work for you was one thing, but having a nephew was a whole different story.  Especially if your nephew tried to be a niece.  

            Jesse sat at his desk, applying lipstick onto his already red lips.  He smiled at himself into the small mirror of his powder case. "Stunning, dah-ling." He drawled.

            "Jesse!" A blonde, over-weight woman tripped over to Jesse's desk.  She was panting, a grin on her face. "Did you see him? The new editor?"

            Jesse shook his head, his eyes still on the mirror. "Elizabeth, don't you have other things to be doing? If you're done giving him the glorious tour of Keen, then you better start on those stupid articles on teen sex." Jesse scoffed. 

            "Jesse.  We girls need some fun here.  Can't I just drool a bit? We never have any hot males swarming around here." Elizabeth whined.

            Jesse shrugged his slim shoulders. The fact that no one but his uncle knew he was a man amused him greatly.  "Where is he now?"

            "Jennings is giving him the heads up on Keen.  He's going to start today. I'm so excited!" Elizabeth jumped up, her blonde hair bouncing.

            "A man working for Keen magazine.  Sounds a bit 'iffy' to me." Jesse smiled inwardly. 

            "Well, I certainly like the idea." Elizabeth shrugged, turning to her desk.  They sat quietly, their desks next to the other. 

            Jesse put away his makeup and began typing up his next article on what color is now in and what outfit is out.  He groaned.  "I can't believe people actually eat this stuff up."

            "I know.  I have to write about the serious stuff, so stop complaining.  I'd rather talk about the fun of sex. I could go on and on." Elizabeth mused.

            "I'm sure you could." Jesse said dryly. 

            "Elizabeth! Jesse! The rest of you! Come here." Jennings stood out of his office, waving the others over. He received a few groans from the other workers. "I'd like you all to meet your newest editor."

            Beside him stood a tall brunette. He had dark brown eyes and a lop-sided smile.  To say the least, he was very eye-catching. "Hello, my name is Cevi.  It's a pleasure to be working with you."

            Elizabeth giggled.  Jesse stood there, his mouth slightly open. "Shit."  He cleared his throat.

            "Oh, Cevi.  This is my ne-neice, Jesse." Jennings stuttered, hating the fact that he was still confused about what his nephew really was.

            "Hello, Jesse." They shook hands.  Jesse was a bit hesitant, quickly pulling his hand back.

            "Hello, Cevi. It's nice to meet you.  I'm sure you'll love it here at-at-at Keen." Damn it all to hell!

            "I'm sure I will." Cevi winked, a smile on his face.

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