It's nothing to laugh about when all you know just kind of... looses to itself; looses to you
You'd think it'd be something merry to cheer about when you gain a friend; but it happens in the coarse action of letting one other go
It could be something gay to smirk upon if an acquaintance you know reaches to you; special for a hug or two and says he or she doesn't wish to let go
But if none the less you remained unhappy in the trials of love and hate
and the world was a fucked up place; where you in the center of it
Nobody would think to cure what was broken if you lye there unattatched
The world
Doesn't care
Who should
Don't even
It's nothing to be sad about when you loose something great
It could be something in case mournful if it all
In a merry cheery pleasing way the world could go around without you; and they'd all unknown
In coarse action the friend you let go would find another one; and he or she'd let go of you instead
But all in all if you remained truely wronged without the love or hate of everyone and the world wasn't really the reality you were told it really was, and you weren't the center; you weren't at all a apart
Either way; it doesn't matter- so why should I[matter]