He didn't bother finding the others during lunch, instead he stayed in Anands class and worked on his story. After this weekend he had a lot more to add, but mostly he didn't leave because he didn't want to face the other students. He saw the way they watched him sharp eyes sharp tongues quick to twist his words slashing their meaning until they had what they wanted to hear.

"Did you like it ?" Ashley asked

"He attacked me !" Jason snapped bitterly.

"Soo.if he hadn't attacked you ,you would have liked it ?"

He turned away disgusted.

The mans name was Carlos Rivera ,he learned that from the police file and the countless hours he spent giving his statement, identifying his attacker, over and over .This wasn't his first charge of child molestation but Jason's mother would fight to make sure it was his last.

As he typed Jason felt eyes on him looking up he was met by almost half a dozen pairs reflecting the computer light like predators on safari videos.

"What the fuck are you all looking at!" He spat as he stood and left the room. They watched silently as he left, the whispers started even before the door closed behind him.

He ate a silent lunch in the stair well. One snickers bar ,one vanilla coke. He closed his eyes and sang along to the song echoing from his C.D player turned up to block reality.

" Heaven holds a sense of wander, and I wanted to believe that id get caught up ,when the raging winds subsides. Passion chokes the flower ,til she cries no more.."

Foot steps brought him back to reality ,his eyes opened , Rayven towered over him for a second before dropping down next to him. Her black make up ran even as she buried her face against his chest circling her arms around his waist.

He yanked her headphone plug from her player and plugged into the dual adapter of his own and held her close they both sang aloud, not caring who heard. .

" I cant help this longing ,comfort me. I cant hold it all in, if you won't let me .Heaven holds a sense of wander, and I wanted to believe that id get caught up when the raging wind subsided. In this white wave I am sinking in this silence, in this white wave. In this silence I believe, I have seen you in this white wave you are silent. You are breathing in this white wave I am freeeee...."