Drip drip the skies been crying the world is dying
The people lying and me still trying
Just to be who I am and still give a damn

Such tragedies iv seen in only two days
The world on its knees and the people drop down and pray
Spare me please iv been a good person
lead a good life all I ask for is a good man
a good knife could help me right now
cut me free from the fabric of life
so I wont have to see these sinners with angel wings
devils and other things running this world
and the preachers and their problems
the ministers are malicious
and another generation raised on M.T.V. and fishers
what happened to the good times
when poems used to rhyme
and old ladies taught our daughters
the proper ways of life and every house had its own wife
and fathers taught their sons the correct way to play with guns
and it was a good life with good men and good wives
and pretty little children who acted like children should
and no one ever lied even if they could
where all the grandfathers at with their endless war tales
is there nothing left to fight for
or has the world been black mailed
Abandon your children shit Swift had the right idea
Eat the bitches if you don't want them
I am sure the pope wont care
riding around in his pope mobile
living the good life with a harem very god like !Christ
I wish I could change but I wont because I stand for all that's true
The sky is crying the world is dying and its all because of you.
I said what I said and you know its true.

Thus speaks Nat the voice of truth 8974652