In my secret garden,
Hidden from view,
Darkness abounds within it's walls.
Close your eyes.

I take your hand,
Two lovers walking in the dark.
You see nothing more then my smile.
Tell me lies.

. The Risen Creature.
The Angel of Light.
Close my, close my eyes.

The Fallen One.
The Angel of Darkness.
Tell me, tell me lies.

My darkness fills with light,
As you open yourself to me.
A light welcomed by darkness.
Close my eyes

Darkness embraces Light.
Black flows into White.
The Fallen reveals itself to the Risen.
Tell me lies.

A queen of the Angels.
A king of the Damned.
Neither knowing anything but love.
Close my eyes...

A moment in time,
Where evil may know the heart of good.
And good may find comfort in the arms of evil.
I>Tell me lies.

A daggar glinting in the night.
Two lovers in the grip of passion.
A knife's edge slips cleanly through skin soft as silk.
Close my eyes.

Crimson falls upon purest white.
A hunger burns in the eyes of the Fallen.
And a gift is offered by the Risen.
Tell me lies.

In love, she gives.
In love, he takes.
In love, they decide.
Close your eyes...

Reddened blade along skin so cold.
Crimson falls upon purest black.
A hunger grows in the eyes of the Risen.
Tell me lies...

In thinking, he gives.
While knowing, she takes.
And in having, they know.
Close my eyes...

Is the Fallen now the Risen?
Is the Risen among the Fallen?
Darkness and Light bound forever in what cannot exist.
Close my eyes.
Tell me, tell me, tell me lies.

Close your eyes.
This love remains.
We cannot be,
But while we do,
Will you tell me lies?