The Sixth Degree of Separation
There was a mother that cried so many times when her young man died-

The government said he'd be safe defending his homeland,

His father found out that they had all lied..

He'll have the 21 gun salute, the folded flag, and the marching band.

Who cries for his wife, the woman forced to raise their daughter alone

Who mourns for the fallen soldier that'll never return home

He lost his mate when the smoke clouds rolled in that symphony of death

She held his picture close, breathing her last ragged breath

She'll never see her family again, never touch them, never feel them

She regretted joining the armed forces on such a whim

Most of all she feels sorry for the town she was ordered to destroy

She hated being apart of a political ploy

The female soldier's son will grow up to marry the male soldier's child

She learned about her daddy when she was young, and wild

He wondered why there was no other way to make the world go round

They joined the army forgetting what happened to their mother and father

They are just another peg in the cogs of warfare


I wrote this in protest of the war. I believe it is wrong, and many will die fighting for such a ridiculous cause. I mourn the lives that will be lost, and the families that will be separated. I sincerely hope that President Bush will back off. The majority of Americans oppose the war, and I one of them. I also hope that Hussein will disarm, and the goal for peace will resume.