Block Rhymes

Hand numb, fingers bleeding
Paper blank, ink receding
Head down, silent pleading
Voices quiet, none are speaking
Facial tick, muted tweaking
Desk aged, chair creaking
Dotted margin, pen a-tapping
Muscles sag, strength sapping
Nerves frayed, patience snapping
Loud distraction, radio blaring
Angry look, orbs glaring
Empty pages, notebook uncaring
Useless lump, uninspiring
Lids droop, eyes tiring
No impulses, faulty wiring
Crumpled notes, garbage piling
Basket full, cylindrical filing
Lips twitch, no one's smiling
Exercises pointless, no brainstorming
Clear dark sky, no clouds forming
Thoughts frozen, temperature warming
Growing heat, mercurial rising
Brain purge, synaptic downsizing
Back to the start, situational apprising
Tick tock, time wasting
Rap-tap-tap, twitchy hasting
Sizzle sizzle, neural basting
Snooze alarm, mind dozing
Sweat wiped, time for hosing
Another day gone, journal closing
Chin up, no point crying
Continuous struggle, creative vying
No excuses, no one's buying
Promise made, mental prying
Belly up, in bed lying
Same time tomorrow, I'll be trying