On Da Road

Now lemme tell yas all what you need,

as you go forth and 'magine you gonna su'ceed.

Alls da lil peoples think they done own the road,

whens they should knows they only On da road.

It falls to me for explains the sitchuation,

cuz you none talks of with thoughts of revelations.

You goin' tells me my problems, my thoughts is wrong?

I knows you think you right, but it only being cuz you think yous strong.

To hells wit you, you ain't no man.

Take a look around, see where you be, where you stand.

Your path is chosen, you nuthin' but a fool;

thinking you choose destination, when you really its tool.

I follow my own road, I trace my own sins.

I ain't a revolution, I's nothin' but myself, only a man.

See you for da truth, bear yourself to your kins.

Walk yourself out, tear delusion down;

read my words and maybe you undestand.